Beware: Amazon India is a Misleading

Beware: Amazon India is a Misleading

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Unlike Flipkart and Snapdeal, Amazon is still a baby in the Indian online retailer market, and it still has a long way to walk to be fully reliable and a mature. Here is my brief sharing of my horrible experience with Amazon India.

On 5th Dec, 2014 I placed an order of SanDisk Ultra Dual 16GB OTG pen drive on @Rs.519 Amazon. Before this I checked if the order is possible to be delivered on my current location in Tripura, India. They verified the PIN and assured me to deliver the item on 11th December. They could not accept COD on this rural PIN code, and so I had to make full online payment via Debit Card. Before this I have been a loyal customer of Flipkart, however they could not deliver the item on my preferred PIN code. So I relied on Amazon.

After hopefully waiting till estimated date of 11th Dec, it still did not arrive as it was assured. Surprisingly, a Gati courier agent called me on 13th Dec to inform me that the order would not be possible to be delivered on the selected location due to unavailability of their ECom service in my area. I complained various customer service exe regarding this issue, and they again assured me to deliver the item within next 2-3 days. Finally. after a long patience on 20th Dec, still I did not receive the item. Therefore, I decided to cancel the order and request the refund on the same day.

Now today, on 22nd Dec, I’m still waiting to get my Rs.519 refunded.

So here are my advices to those who are willing to buy anything from Amazon in India:

  • Check out and confirm your PIN code is in their delivery list or not (they make fake promises to deliver at certain remote locations)
  • Customer support is below medium level. They can understand the concerns, but even know how to show excuses to make you wait. So that they won’t lost the customers.
  • Amazon in India is still a baby. They have a long way to improve.
  • Their website is not up-to-date, specially with PIN codes.
  • They rely mostly on Gati courier service, which ships the orders through railway train (Flipkart and many others do it by flight). It causes more delay that expected delivery date.
  • They are very stingy to refund your money if you cancel your orders. Beware.
  • And last, when there are multiple online retailers why should you buy from Amazon? I’m never returning as a customer of Amazon. Never again.

Supam CB