"Ek baar Amazon try to kar"... for a horrific r...

"Ek baar Amazon try to kar"... for a horrific ride. they will take you through...

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I purchased a “WD My Passport Ultra WDBGPU0010BBK 1TB Portable External Hard Drive (Black)” on 7th of october and the hassle I had to go through was not less than a nightmare.

The worst online shopping experince i’ve ever had.
This was my first order from amazon.
I changed my shipping address at the time of checkout, however the order was booked on my previously updated address, which ofcourse is 1100kms from where I am staying.
My bad, I didn’t checked the confirmation mail instantly, or else I wouldn’t have to go through any of this.
A couple of days later when I called up customer service to complaint for the auto amendments and also to get the address changed, they said that the package has already been shipped to some courier agency, and now the address cannot be changed.
I asked them to cancel my order, so that I can order again on my current address. “I can’t find an option to cancel this order on my system” was his exact statement. One of the executive even asked me to contact the post office where the package was delivered, so as to ask them to return the package to amazon. He even told me the incompetancies of a customer care advisor to follow up on a complaint, who is in the evening shift between 5 to 2pm. WHAT the F***… Why the hell on earth should I be bothered about his shift timings.
But, yes ofcourse they really were incompetent. They only know how to spoonfed empathy and assurance to the customers, and they go blank when asked for a proper resolution.

I finally had to ask one of my friend to collect the package from the post office.

The only positive experience was that the order was delivered a couple of days prior to the stipulated time, though at the wrong address.

The product is genuine and is so far so good, however I’m still skeptical, so wouldn’t want to write anything about it as of now.