Flipkart Fraud Scheme on unsuspecting Online Sh...

Flipkart Fraud Scheme on unsuspecting Online Shoppers

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Flipkart is sending wrong, gullible and sub-standard product instead of a credible brand/product which the customer has rightly ordered.

Pushing unwanted products or dumping scrap items in Indian Market is the norm for Flipkart which till recently was doing really good in terms of Quality, Service and Social Responsibility, is gone below their standards now, after lots of investors on Board are questioning its legible business model since it is bleeding and under loss on daily basis, Flipkart is under pressure and is liable for the high-profile investors looking for early and easy returns.

Under sever pressure from the money pumped in, Flipkart is cracking and losing its stability and credibility, which will affect the organization seriously in its short run! May be with is deep pockets and heavy influences it can with stand fooling the aspiring Online Shoppers for some more time, but not all the time!

Till recently a hard core fan of Flipkart,

My recent experience:-

Always, it is not the money, it is about your need to protect the phone, it is the desire to buy a cover which make the phone different and feel nice, it is about the time I wasted online in Flipkart surfing and browsing for the right product, it is about trusting Flipkart and paying advance for the product I rightly ordered, it is about the time I expected in anticipation of the product to be delivered even after I am a flipkart first subscriber, it is about feeling cheated and fooled once the product is delivered, it is about wasting time to return and ask for refund and again waiting for refund for a week!

There are people who does not cancel, return or ask for a refund – Flipkart is cheating them. Push the dead stock, clear off the warehouse which is piled up with scrap – dumped products from China!

I recently bought a mobile back case cover for Rs.119/- which Flipkart claimed to be selling for Rs.1199/-! which itself is a false claim!
When I received the parcel after 5 days of ordering, I found that it is a different product – an ugly, spoiled and some street-sold brand which does not even cost Rs.30/- by any standards!

I tried to speak to the customer care of my plight to get it replaced with the product which I chose after long struggle surfing their website and which I found suitable for the mobile which I bought through Flipkart only.

It was sold out and no stock available for a replacement; only money refund is the Option which I must settle or else I stand losing money, product, time and efforts which is warned by Flipkart Customer care.

This is not the only case, I have experienced the same; receiving wrong product 7 times on an average order of 20 in the last 4 to 6 months!

A pair of shoe – received wrong size and wrong model, but the same brand.

Another pair of Shoe – received a fake product – of some street cobble made stuff.

Watch – received a replica product of a premium brand, sold heavily discounted but never mentioned it as a replica or fake – when taken to the exclusive retailer, identified as fake product and Flipkart is not authorized to sell their products!

2 Branded Mobiles – received with problems in the handset- felt like a pirated one!

But got is replaced with new ones!

Most Importantly, when i subscribed to the Flipkart first advantage, it was never prominently mentioned that is will be useful for only Flipkart binami – its illegal subsidiary WS Retail sold items only.
But ever since i bought that Flipkart reduced their WS retail products sold and upped products from third party vendors – which now accounts for almost 95% of the products sold through their website. I wasted paying money for that subscription which Flipkart claimed to have some advantages!

Flipkart is making fools of the Government, People and all the Systems in India.

Flipkart clear off their Dead Stocks and Non-starter products by deliberately or forcefully sending those to unsuspecting customers.

Flipkart knows that many of its customers do not take the trouble of wasting their valuable time returning or asking for a refund for small amounts; which is the real gain for Flipkart.

Customers lose money, time and trust!

Flipkart hold the money paid in advance to buy a product for half a month which accumulates to Multi Billions of Indian Rupee on any given day.

Finally, customers are at the receiving end, either have to be complacent on the received product or must wait for their money to be refunded after a long struggle.

Flipkart lures the Indian Class with False Discount Claims and exploits their Desire.

Flipkart exploits Online Shoppers and aspiring class and cheats them – Either pushing wrong products and non-starters or making them purchase what is not needed.

There must be a strong Anti-Dumping law; and have a credible and massive raid in all Flipkart Warehouses where they store Sub-standard products to be pushed in to Indian Market deliberately without any customer ever wanting it!

There are useless products pushed off from China stored in Flipkart Warehouses in Container lots – billions in numbers and tons of products of every single scrap items which they burden an unsuspecting Online Shopper!