Fraud seller on Ebay: west_deals

Fraud seller on Ebay: west_deals

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The seller( is a fraud one. He got a top rated feedback but he is selling refurbished mobile on the name of new one.

My Case: Claim ID 1525705 and PaisaPay ID 41265955384

Those who are purchasing from this seller must check that whether your device is brand new or refurbished by simply sending an email to the Manufacturer.

My Experience with Ebay and seller west_deals

I purchased a One Plus One mobile online(From Ebay). My mobile serial number is: Q000112A0424514 and IMEI no is: 865800024536333. The seller claims(as per ebay listing) that It is a brand new phone and it is under manufacturer warranty for 1 year. I got the phone perfectly pack also( The refurbished mobile comes in a official company packing so you can not tell whether it is refurbished or not just by looking to it ). Though, I want to conform the seller claim with the manufacturer itself before releasing the payment. So I send a mail to OnePlus support team inquiring following three things:

1) Is my mobile a brand new set? or a refurbished one?

2) What is the warranty duration(last date) on my set?

3) Who will provide the service on this device(Seller/Manufacturer)?

I got the following reply from the customer support: (attached in photo)

Dear Irshad,

Thank you for contacting OnePlus.

My name is Sai Giridhar.

I ll be glad to assist you. I understand your concern. I would like to inform you that the device which you purchase it s a refurbished one. The device contain one year seller warranty, however the device have only six month service warranty from OnePlus. For first six months OnePlus will provide the warranty.

For any further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact us back with the case ID: 156692.

Thanks for choosing OnePlus. Have a Great Day! We can be reached on our 00914041412125 or you may log onto or send an Email to [email protected].

Please feel free to contact us anytime between the hours of 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Sunday on OnePlus working days.

Thanks & Regards!

Sai Giridhar

OnePlus 00914041412125

Email [email protected]

As the listing on Ebay clearly says that It is a brand new phone but the support team clearly says that it is a refurbished one. So that make it a case of clear cut fraud activity by the seller.

Then, I put a claim on ebay with Claim ID 1525705. I was asked to provide the proof. I already provide that to ebay. I don’t no what ebay team is doing. My claim is still in process.

Then, seller contacted me via phone. The seller was ready to provide me the refund after accepting his mistake. He already put a mail to [email protected] and told me to wait for 24-48 hours for refund process to initiate.

I believe him but later it terns out that the correct email ID for claim resolution is( [email protected] ) after my chat with ebay customer care.

I asked seller to send a mail to [email protected] but he asks me to first give him positive feedback( Feedback Once given can’t be changed ) on ebay.

I declined the same and he declined to help me(This all happen over a telephonic conversation). Though, I promise him not to give any negative feedback(Even he did fraud activity with me), If he help me to settle the claim fast.

It seems that seller wants to trick me again by sending an claim resolution email to wrong ID and asking me to wait so that resolution time get passed.

But by God’s grace, till then I already arranged the proof from OnePlus(Manufacturer of mobile) itself.

The seller cheat me twice, first; when he sends me a refurbished mobile at the place of new mobile.

Second; when he sends a claim resolution email to wrong ID and asked me to wait so that resolution time get passed.

People believe on ebay and that why buyer hardly verify the mobile originality and condition with the manufacturer till the packing is decent enough.

One day the buyer will surely get to know the status, when they visit the service center and then their loose trust from ebay.

Such fraud sellers are not only threat for the buyers but for the Ebay itself.

I know that I will win this claim for sure(I have sufficient proof) but you see the situation; I will return the mobile to seller and then he will sell it to some other innocent buyer. What is the loss of seller?

It is the buyer who is suffering; Ebay should impose big financial penalty to such fraud seller, who did a wrong listing of items and Ebay should put such cases in public domain so that buyer can have more trust on Ebay.

I shared this information here so that more and more buyers check their device authenticity and condition status with the manufacturer itself. Don’t get fooled by these sellers.

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well thanksl for ur information

but at the time of buying of costing items like mobile or llaptop i use flipkart amazon and wo vi fulfille by amazon or ws retail. but thanks for ur information. shopclues also like this. and ebay better then shopclues

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How can I find out the warranty status of my one plus one.