Goibibo is not refunding the money...

Goibibo is not refunding the money...

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I have booked a bus ticket "GOBUS557a51389099269 " from chennai to tirunelveli for 10-01-2014.The bus was cancelled by the operator .I was informed that Goibibo will refund the money in 5 days but it was past 15 days and I did not get any refund.

Procedure followed

1) Sent email to all id – [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

but still did not get any reply or acknowledge mail from them for past 5 days.

2) Contacted them through the customer support number

First time – They said it will get refund the next day and they said this default answer .When I asked them to note my gobus id they said their OS is updating and they cant do it.I was charged Rs 15 for this call.

Second time – I tried three times on 22-01-2014 and each time it goes and say the agent is busy.i waited 10 mins in the call each time and I was charged totally Rs 30 on that day.

Note: while waiting they will engage you with their advertisement about booking on goibibo.com website .So their company advertisement in customers money .Good idea keep it up goibibo.

So I paid Rs 1285(for booking)+Rs 45 for calling their support for my refund and no reply from their end.Also my timing of more than 45 mins daily.i wont recommend any one for this site.pls be carefull.