good shopping experience but with compromise

good shopping experience but with compromise

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I began shopping for clothes online on Jabong, and did not have any problems so far. The order usually

comes on time; the clothes are in good condition and also fit properly. But very recently, a top that I

ordered was not up to the mark… it had some beads which were coming off and also I was not happy

with the quality of the fabric. So I decided to return it, which was smooth enough as Jabong has a good

pick-up and delivery service. But the problem was that I got my money refund as Jabong credits… I

would like to have it in my bank account directly. And the worse part was that I can only use those

Jabong credits to purchase their products, not their partner products like Yepme or something… So to

use up those credits I had to choose strictly from Jabong products and I had to keep going to check-out

to check if what I have chosen can be paid with Jabong credits or not… this was very inconvenient as

there is no way to know while shopping which products are from partner and which purely Jabong and

also somehow I kept liking partner products more than Jabong. Finally, I found and liked a pure Jabong

product and redeemed those credits, but it was inconvenient and a compromise as I had found many

other clothes that I liked more than what I had to buy because of their stupid rule… at least in such cases

they should give option of refund in bank account.

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Or maybe you could’ve done the thing where you ask the customer rep to return the money to your original payment method. Works for me every time.