Great Relationship turned SOUR

Great Relationship turned SOUR

Deal Newbie

It’s been a month, I have been trying to trace one of the items ordered. If you see my history i do order on monthly basis so i am not new to the system.

Yet i have been AGAIN and AGAIN stating that i have received ONLY 1 Kurta piece and there is no hear say. Why is it so difficult to understand and EMPATHIZE rather than responding carelessly SAME thing AGAIN and AGAIN.

It’s been not less that 7-8 times I have written and every time I have received a standard response that it’s been delivered.

In my last 2 mails I asked few questions to make it simple and yet it’s the same response.

Either customer service executives are not trained well or they lack language understanding.

1. How many packets were delivered on 18th with delivery numbers/tracking numbers.
2. If there is 1 packet delivered then I have received ONLY 1 piece of Kurta
3. If there are 2 packets delivered, Pls share delivery acknowledgement since i have not been able to TRACE it. If my family has received, then i need to have proof. (To be so SURE I have checked again and again with my family and even neighbors)

4. Its not about 800/900 bucks, its the question of my INTEGRITY now. This is the very first time i am facing this ISSUE. I am AGHAST with the way customer service team has been treating my requests and responding.

I have been on Jabong app for almost 3 + years and have never faced any issue earlier from delivery, TAT, quality or refund. Infact i have been recommending it to friends and family.

But this time it’s really gone sour.

1 customer loss may not affect you so team has been taking it so casually.

Hope somebody starts taking these feedback’s seriously and works over them