Lenskart- Great if you know what to buy

Lenskart- Great if you know what to buy

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First the good stuff:
Personally, I’ve only bought branded stuff from Lenskart (with one miserable exception). They provide rock bottom prices on contact lenses and branded frames.
The disposable contact lens stock I’ve bought (8 purchases over 2-3 years till now) has always been fresh, never received one anywhere near the expiry date. My optician must’ve looted thousands from me before I found out about Lenskart and started buying contact lenses from them!
In prescription eyeglasses, the branded frames are standard, and lenskart’s frequent coupons make them cheaper than local opticians.
The lenses for eyeglasses are standard and are priced at correct market prices, and applying discounts makes them the economical choice. Haven’t found any flaws with their lens fitting/ centering yet, although I’ve only bought three prescription eyeglasses from lenskart, so my experience might be inadequate to comment on their expertise.
Never tried Lenskart’s home checkups, but I’m skeptical of getting my eyes checked at any optician anyways, I’ve always had regular checkups with my ophthalmologist and confirmed my prescriptions before buying any prescription product (a family member has glaucoma, so I usually accompany them whenever they go for checkups and sometimes get a free quick general checkup and refraction test for myself https://cdn2.desidime.com/assets/textile-editor/icon_toungueout.gif )

Now the bad stuff:
AVOID THEIR IN-HOUSE BRANDS LIKE THE PLAGUE! I once used one of Lenskart’s coupons to buy a pair of ‘Vincent Chase’ aviators with polarized non-prescription lenses for Rs. 300 (MRP was 2.5K I think). The lens was so-so, but the ‘Vincent Chase’ frame was pathetically bad. The Aluminium frame was painted black with some cheap technique, the paint de-laminated and flaked even with mild scratches! The joints are non-spring based and creaked since day one. I wouldn’t buy the frames for their sunglasses for 30 Rs, let alone the discounted price of 300Rs.
I shudder to think about the quality of in-house brand frames and prescription lenses anyone might buy at non-discounted rates!

In summary, as long as you stick to branded products on Lenskart, it’s the most economical option out there. I think they can afford to discount branded products heavily because of the heavy profits they make on in-house brands.