LensKart Worst Ever

LensKart Worst Ever

Deal Newbie

I saw multiple negative reviews for lens kart at first but due its size and popularity I wanted to give it a shot.

My order Number: 1200928370 Order placed on 25/11/2013
Charged me 100/- Extra for home visit. Home visit promised on 28/11/2013 between 11-1 pm

I took a half day from work as I was excited about it.

28th November 11:30 AM: I started online chat with lens kart to find out if they were still coming, nobody bothered to reply to my messages.

28th November I started chat again to see if there was technical glitch. A representative named as Rohit spoke to me. He promised me to be patient and someone will visit me before 1 pm as promised.

28th November 1:00 pm I called them again as I was getting late for work and wanted to know what was goin on.
A lady answered the call and said she doesn’t know why they did not come and she will find out. Then she later said to wait as they were stuck in traffic jam.

I was very upset that time frame wasn’t kept however I understood being an Indian that traffic jams are quite often.

At near about 2:30 I got a call from lady from lens kart apologizing that they wont be able to make it as the car met with an accident. I was in bad mood but considering car met with an accident and the lady begged for appointment on 29th. I said OK for 29th November and mentioned if she could expedite my request as i really cant afford to miss office the next day. She agreed to it.

29th Morning:11:30 am – No call received from lens kart about appointment. I initiated chat again. Customer executive rohit was so arrogant. He used words like we both know that we cant come at 11. I was like why did you promise it yesterday? He blamed me for missing the appointment on 28th. I was shocked! I was like WTF… I understood at this point I was dealing with a weak company with no control on things and a poor CRM. They don’t know what happened yesterday. At 1:00 pm I ended up calling to cancel my order with lens kart. They have now promised me that someone will call back from cancellation team to initiate the refund process.

This is where I am after dealing with Lens Kart

Loss of 2 days pay
No eye glasses (need them desperately)
Waste of endless phone calls to the customer service
I am being lied to and felt cheated as they took 1 minute to take the money but want 10 days to refund it
I would let you decide if you should order from Lens Kart or not.