My Experience with Amazon

My Experience with Amazon

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I started purchasing online product nearly 3 years back. Flipkart used to be my first and last choice and I never had to look here and there. As time went by I came to know about other sites Snapdeal, Infibeam, Jabong etc. I used to have a strict 3-4 sites list, and whenever I wanted to buy something I used to compare the product on these sites before buying from flipkart.

Amazon was never on my list, not until I came to know about desidime. Its been about 6 months that I have been browsing through amazon. And to be honest amazon has changed my view towards online shopping (as did flipkart in its earlier days).

I have bought quite a few things from amazon, apparels, deos, watches to name a few. They always provided the product 2 or 3 days before the delivery estimate.

My refund experience with them is also great. I had to return items twice and was worried whether it will take time to get my money back. But apart from printing 2 or 3 forms and sticking them inside and outside the return box, there was not much of a hassle and they started the refund process within one day of returning the item.

Within all these sweet experiences, there exist a bitter part as well. A few days ago, during the “Great Amazon Loot” I happened to order an American Swan shirt from a friend’s account and in the hassle of completing the transaction I forgot to change the address. Once the transaction was complete I found out that the delivery address is wrongly set. So I opened the customer service chat window and asked the representative to change the delivery address. But she told me that she can only change the address within the same city, which was not accetable. So she told me to cancel the order and order anew. And so I did cancel. But once I went back to order the shirt again, it was unavailable. Although it was my foolishness that lost me a shirt, I cant agree to this particular foolish policy of amazon.

Overall my experience with amazon has been bitter-sweet (90% sweet 10% bitter) to be precise.