Pepperfry has Great collection and customer sup...

Pepperfry has Great collection and customer support

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My first shopping experience with Pepperfry was very memorable. I wanted a new dining table and
decided to check for it online. That is when I fell in love with Pepperfry’s collection, which is full of
contemporary stuff. I found what I wanted pretty quickly and ordered it without waiting. And after
placing the order when I was going through the rest of the site… a sale was announced! I checked the
price of the table I ordered and saw that it had gone down by 2000rs.So, I called the customer support
of Pepperfry and explained what had happened. The agent was very polite and understanding and
informed me that they cannot give me the table at new price but suggested that I can cancel my
previous order, as it was not shipped yet, and place a new order for the same table at the discounted
price. Since then I have become a Pepperfry regular and love shopping for my home online.