Poor Quality American Tourister Duffel Bag Purc...

Poor Quality American Tourister Duffel Bag Purchased and grievances not addressed.

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Hello Friends! I lost 2300 for a defective piece of AT duffel bag. And received HEADACHE! HEADACHE!


The bag had manufacturing defect. A hole was there in its body. Why would I keep an AT bag with a hole at normal discounts. I received the bag on 11 March and told them I am flying out of India on 29 March. So I need a solution before 29th. They said they will call me and understand the issue. After 2 days they replied ‘they tried calling me twice and failed in the process.’ I knew this trick from my earlier experiences so I asked them to share the call logs. Immediately next day I received the call from them. The executives have low memory or they dont want to listen what u r saying. Only thing u ll hear is Jabong is extremely sorry for this incident and customer is top priority.
They said they will take 5 days to find a courier for reverse pickup as my area is not serviceable for reverse pickup. They failed in that and asked me to self ship it. I told them the courier charges are 260 per kilo and the duffle is no doubt 2.5 kilos so it will be charged 780 for reverse couriering. Whereas Jabong refunds max 160 for self courier of products. The lady who spoke to me miscommunicated my talk and I was emailed Rs 260 ll be refunded for self couriering. Damn when am saying 780 ll be charged and 260 is per kilo, how cunning they are not to accept it. I emailed them back asking to confirm they are ready to refund 260 per kilo. Immediately I get a call and they stop me from self shipping the item.
Another hour of discussion with the new executive and I receive an email the bag is 2 kilos and I shall be refunded 540 as courier charge. Who the hell is he to decide the weight of the bag? I went to Bluedart office and they clearly said the bag is over 2 kilos and hence ll be charged for 3 kilos price i.e 780. Already it was 25th March by this time and they had troubled me enough. Also I had to pack my bags. I left the case as it is and asked them to sell the bag to me at discounted price and hence partially refund my money. They didnt agree. Idiots were neither agreeing to refund 780 courier charges nor partially refunding my money.
I flew from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai for 2 hrs with 15 kilos of stuff in it and was shocked to see the bag had lost its stitches from one side and clearly I can enter my hand through the gap made. Seriously I felt like banging my head somewhere. The bag gave me so many troubles. Since I had my international flight next day I had to self stitch the bag which was difficult, very difficult. Now the bag is in USA. They took 20 days to look into the matter yet could not give me appropriate solution. No reverse pickup no partial refund nothing. When contacted for partial refund now, they say they can help only after the bag is at their facility. Why didn’t they agree on one thing first; either reverse pickup or refund full courier charges? Secondly why their team contacting customers uses their own opinion/words while presenting our case to management rather than presenting the actual communication. This entire chapter has given me a HEADACHE! I am not shopping from JABONG any more for my family. Myntra Rocks!