Really good service

Really good service

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At first, I was a bit skeptical buying from Homeshop18, as their prices aren’t that great, and they don’t have much discount coupons available (typical Indian mindet, eh?!).

Surprisingly, they had a copy of the book The Great Gatsby (awesome book, by the way) for 68 rupees, one of the cheapest available. So, I bought it.

Sadly, the book wasn’t available for them to send. I got a bit disappointed with them, as they had displayed it as In Stock on their website. But they did provide me with a timely refund.

However, almost two weeks after the cancellation was done, I got a letter from them through post. To my utter delight, it contained a Gift Voucher for 100 rupees as compensation for not being able to fulfill my order.

Aside from the refund, I got some extra amount to spend on their website, and that’s pretty cool.

So I’m off now to Homeshop18 to buy more books.
(My overflowing bookshelf is crying right now, haha!)