Received 40" SAMSUNG LED TV with Broken Screen...

Received 40" SAMSUNG LED TV with Broken Screen and shopclues not Providing replacment.

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ORDER NO: 59023037
RETURN ID: 1733827
PRODUCT: Samsung 40J5100 Full HD Slim LED Television 40"
Although it was disappointing receiving the product after a delay of 20 days and upon receiving the product.
The screen was cracked and when I called the customer care,
They asked to file a return complaint which is to be done within 24hrs upon receiving of the product.
Which I did and now there is no reply from Shopclues nor anybody turned up to collect the the Broken TV.
So M left with broken Tv at home and all money blocked with Shopclues.
I would suggest Flipkart Ebay and Amazon r doing better job then this.
Even if U have to pay 10k extra for any product Please do and order from Flipkart or from any other site but NOT SHOPCLUES.
Else You will end up like me with pain of loosing the money and and no replacement.