the most worst & disgusting online shopping hor...

the most worst & disgusting online shopping horrors in India !!!

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I have been a very regular shopper from…but in some recent times something ridiculous and strange things are happening in this internationally acclaimed “Silicon Valley Brand”, hence I would like to share my recent experience with Shopclues.

I ordered a Samsung Bluetooth headset from Sunday Flea Market…It had been over 3 weeks since my order is placed.Initially I received 2-3 emails saying that Procurement Delay from merchant side…
then emails saying shipment has got delayed and then received an email that the shipment was not honored and has returned back to the seller….
this sounds something unseen and ridiculous as same merchant/seller had again listed the same Samsung Bluetooth in the consequent Sundays Flea Market…this was the next Sunday to my purchase….until now Shopclues guys were saying “Shipment Procurement Delay from Merchant…”, now doesn’t that sound something weird and illogical….:oops:

I also tried reaching your customer care a many times but to my surprise I was put on a hold for more than 20 mins (had to listen to their cheap advertisement jingle while waiting….wholesale ka rate…dinner ki plate ….Very Irritating & Pathetic…;-} ) on all the occasions and then the line got hung up.Recently when I tried their customer care nos,their phones had gone dead and were not working at all.This reveals the highest degree of torture which a customer can suffer from this pathetic online shopping website….

The day is not far when Shopclues would be rated the most worst and disgusting online shopping horrors in India.

I have been such a regular shopper of Shopclues and I was meted with such a kind of regular unpleasant experiences…
I wonder what would have been the fate of New Buyers from Shopclues.