Worst Experience with Care Team/Service/Quality

Worst Experience with Care Team/Service/Quality

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I ordered an Insulated bottle cover from Paytm which on website looks like a nice pink cover and when it arrived, I was surprised to see that what they call Insulated is nothing else but A Roll of thermocol placed inside the cover and because of this, no bottle fits inside it. In addition to that when I checked the Product description, it was no mention about the thermocol, neither the image showing inside of the bottle cover.

After this I Immediately raised a return request on their website on 11th of March. and marked the reason as did not like the product since it was present in the dropdown . Since nobody turned up to pick the product till 5 days, I again checked on their website and I was shocked to see that my return request has been rejected by seller.

Upon contacting Paytm , one of their said they will look into the matter. As the seller will only accept defected/wrong products. Upon telling them that in this case I would like to change the reason so they said "Please provide us with 48 hours of time " and they mentioned the same in the email.
After 3-4 days , as there was no update I again called Paytm and interacted with Sandeep Sharma, who gave me guarantee that they will resolve it by 24 hours.

Again after 2 days since there was no update I called back to the support team then Sandeep Sharma was busy and my call was transferred to Asad Raza who asked for 24 hours one more time and promised me that they would resolve it and they will call me back to check.

Again a week passed and there was no update and this behavior went on during which I interacted with Shubham Tiwari, Piyush, Gini, Neha, Surjeet, Alok, and each and everyone of them asked for 24 hours to 48 hours and nobody resolved it. I kept on asking the progress on this as in what is still pending and what has been done till now but they were not ready to disclose it since they had done absolutely nothing, They gave ETAs and almost 9-10 times they missed their deadlines. Which shows their dedication towards the work and customer satisfaction.

The company compares themselves with giants like Flipkart and Jabong where as the support/service/products/website information/on time deliver/return pickups provided by Paytm is not even close to 10% of what Jabong/Amazon offers.

So finally on 18th of April (1 month and 7 days after placing the return request) I got an email saying the seller is not ready to accept it.

So it indicates that company will continue having incomplete information on their products and wrong categories in return request dropdown (which even seller doesn’t accept) and is still not ready to face the consequences. which clearly indicates the fraud intentions of the company and customer has to loose out money and face issues and waste money on calls and bear mental torture from the care team.

I would have still been happy if I would have got some fruitful outcome for more than 1 month of waiting with patience.

They are losing their valuable customers as I would never dare to deal with this fraud company ever.

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Good review.. Helps many dimers for dealing/purchasing products from Paytm with precaution.