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Worst service

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Hi all, this is in regards to the television which I ordered on 18th July, 2016 ‘Philips
Order ID- 404-1086969-5123507
Philips 3000 Series 40PFL3750/V7 102cm (40 inches) Full HD LED TV (Black)’ at an offer price of Rs. 20,473/-. Two days later, I received a text stating that your refunded is initiated for this product. I was confused as I never requested for refund and return of product so I contacted the Amazon customer service and spoke to a lady Riya. She kept me on hold for 15mins and advised the product is damaged while sending it. I was upset as I was not informed about this. The lady then contacted me after speaking to seller in 2hours and guaranteed that she will replace the product at same cost.
She asked me to order the product from the website and amount will be adjusted.The next day when I was going to order it, I was getting the higher amount so I contacted the Amazon, the lady was not available. I explained the story to the other employee but he disconnected the phone. I contacted 3 times and didn’t get proper respond.
Today, I contacted again regarding this issue and spoke to supervisor Praveen. He said he can not
replace product as it was out of stock and now the price is 28900/-. He was rude and arrogant. He clearly said either take refund or order again at 28900/- which was a higher price and said he can do a discount of Rs500 which was heights of insult. He can’t send the same product.
I have been suffering from last 4 days regarding this thing. As this is not my fault, I want the same TV at the cost I paid. Somebody please help me in this.
My Email address is REMOVED

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Hmm..really bad to hear about this from you due to the fault from Amazon. Its their responsibility to replace damaged one, Amazon becoming unethical.