Need help to get my old pms

Need help to get my old pms

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@admin @bumblefoot @Nigel

Can I get access to my old pms. Need to recover some details.
Please help if possible.

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i beg of you to please capitalise the letters P and M in the title !! some naughty Dimer just PMS.. err PMs me errmm i mean, he sent me a chat referring to your PMS problem :-/

now imagine that !

got a chat ping with a link to this topic.that is how i came to know of the topic. else it might not have been noticed

did ParityCubes / Desidime have a Portfolio Management Service ? and i never knew about this !

Try MOSL or Deutsche can help you get PMS from reputed third party (aka fund houses / financial institutions) PMS providers.

Late Edit: rep. log message giving @ Bhai1 and rep. log message giving @ Bhai2, i only speak of investments and wealth creation stuff: Portfolio Management Service !

also, please do not keep ‘ANY’ hope. expectations reduce joy; it is said, and there is merit in that!

if the father of the forum himself has either failed to recollect or the promise slips by him, then there is N O T T T T T H I N G in it for us to salvage.

neither was a formal word put out, in so far as I know (prove my wrong and i will brood and mourn in self-pity)

nor was the killing of the PM s.. so much as gently broken to us as a notification.
I say this feeling very bitter because I do remember honourable Shri 1008 DimerAbhi’s Happy Bullcrap XYZ day topic being spammed to every user’s notifs.

but the very creator who had one-on-one told (i can not use: who had promised) me in the chats that it will be done after pre-intimation and possibly after providing a mass downloading feature of all PMs, has himself (admin Sir) gone back on that word unless i am wrong

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@prebhartia unless in your PM folders there are like critical data or E-documents pertaining to your share of the fortune that some dying African widow wants to share with you or other super confidential things which you just aren’t comfortable loosing out on the big bad internet,
you might find the relevant of the Utilities by DealSeeker very useful in the ensuing time frame in which the tech-team brings you a favourable resolution. [or as some would say; IF they bring you ANY resolution or much less even an acknowledgement]

goes without saying that i personally have used the DesiDime Private Messages Downloader numerous times. I only. if ever, found the odd formatting or few ascii characters that come up in the combo HTML as the only oddity.

I mean no one shares their fortune with me so i have no lakho"N ki jaai’jaad at stake or in my PM folders.

okay :-/ i think I might have made an unsuspecting doubt crop up. No, there is NO RISK in using DealSeeker’s Utility/ PM Downloader.

If Desidime has trusted him amongst the select few who got access to their site back-end then there is not much left to question his integrity or skills to keep standards high.
also, he has patiently and painfully often reiterated the ‘fact’ that it is merely a pass-through gateway that bunches up data for you/ user to retrieve.

Neither the login credentials which his utility passes on the DD back-end as a query; nor the reply which DD back-end sends to his utility as a bunch of PMs is ever recorded or stored in any of the systems/server space he rents/owns.

so everything is plain and simple in that sense.

I practically stopped using the utility when the send PM feature itself was killed on the mobile and desktop site.
did try/test it in recent weeks after blowing my fuse over Desidime’s abrupt and unprofessionally hush-hush removal of the very folder connectivity at user level in first week of May 2016.
I can confirm that the utility performed as expected and worked as always, with the Desidime side limitation carrying forward;
in that
only the messages sent and received up till 06th-May_2016 can be retrieved if queried using DealSeeker’s DesiDime Private Messages Downloader.

Kudos to the dexterous (dextrous¿) man for putting his good time and efforts on a rather unremunerative project and its upkeep for all these months. [well by unremunerative i mean sort of thankless as hardly a dozen or so people even acknowledged the benefits and usefulness but twice as maby always had ready doubts over it]

Disclaimer: neither am I the multiple id of DealSeeker nor am I related or personally known to him nor in any way invested in this leisure project of his.. so this may please not be construed as self or any other promotion. Just stating some facts.