Amazon Ends Print and Kindle Subscriptions!

Amazon is no longer selling Print and Kindle, magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

by FighterMan Updated: 07 Sep, 2023, 15:09 IST
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Amazon has now officially ended Print and Kindle Subscriptions for magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals, after announcing the exit last year.

Amazon Ends Print and Kindle Subscriptions!

Amazon said:

“Customers who have Kindle subscriptions will no longer receive issues of their subscriptions after September 4, 2023. Prorated refunds for any undelivered issues will be given within 3-5 business days. Annual subscriptions will not be renewed at the end of their terms.”

The company added, Print subscribers will need to contact the publisher directly for cancellation.

Users can still get e-books and e-magazines on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. Amazon's Kindle Unlimited works on a monthly subscription model. Checkout these fine Kindle offers!

The reason why Amazon decided to quit Print and Kindle Newsstand subscriptions is low revenue generation and losses incurred. You can find all the official Important Changes to Amazon Newsstand here.

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