Amazon India to stop accepting ₹2000 Notes for COD orders!

Amazon has rolled out a statement as per which it will not accept ₹2000 notes during COD payments. However, the government's deadline is expected to be extended.

by FighterMan Updated: 14 Sep, 2023, 20:04 IST
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The government’s deadline to exchange or deposit ₹2000 notes is inching closer (30th September). This is why Amazon India has issued a notice to stop accepting ₹2000 Notes for COD orders to their delivery executives.

Amazon India to stop accepting ₹2000 Notes for COD orders!

The company said:-

“Amazon is currently accepting ₹2000 currency notes. However, from September 19, 2023, we will not be accepting ₹2000 currency notes for cash-loads or Cash on Delivery (COD) payments for orders Fulfilled by Amazon"

This means that third-party courier partners with Amazon will still accept ₹2000 notes for COD orders till any further notice.

Recently, RBI stated that till 19th May around 93% of ₹2000 notes have been returned to banks. Also, the central bank said that ₹3.32 lakh crores worth of ₹2000 notes are returned as of 31st August. It is expected that the 30th September deadline will be extended.

When the government announced the ₹2000 note ban in May, Amazon started a service where you had the power to exchange ₹2000 notes at your doorstep!

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