Disney+ Hotstar Launched ‘Pause Ad’ Feature | Full Coverage Here

Before launching the ‘Pause Ad’ feature, the OTT space introduced 3D breakout billboards for smartphones & recently they announced this for connected TV (CTV).

by Akhee_S_W Updated: 18 Jun, 2024, 22:21 IST
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Recently Disney+ Hotstar launched the latest ‘Pause Ad’ feature, especially for its Connected TV (CTV) content, becoming the first ever OTT space in the country to do so.

This latest addition showcases the company’s dedication to innovative advertising solutions. Pause Ads will appear when watchers naturally pause their TV series or movies, providing a less interrupting experience compared to traditional pre-roll or mid-roll ads.

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Companies Feedback On Disney+ Hotstar’s Pause Ad Feature

Companies like ITC, Mondelez, & Marico have loved & praised the ‘Pause Ad’ feature. Disney+ Hotstar becomes an ideal space for Saffola to promote healthy their health oriented products. Somasree Bose Awasthi, the CMO of Marico (a Consumer Packaged Goods Company) shared her thoughts on how they announced a contextual campaign focused on daily meals using the Pause Ads.

Disney+ Hotstar users mostly pause their favorite TV series or movies 5-6 times a day, these Pause Ad features can offer a clever route to reach the audience during these short interruptions.

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Disney+ Hotstar’s Pause Ad Praised for Seamless Brand Integration

Like Somasree Awasthi, ITC Limited’s Sanjay Srinivas also applauded Disney+ Hotstar’s Pause Ad feature. Sanjay Srinivas shared his thoughts that the latest ad formats like Pause Ad help transform brand connection with Indian audiences without interfering with the streaming experience.

Later, Anjali Madan of Mondelez (a Food & Beverage Company) also stated her company’s passion about getting connected to Disney+ Hotstar's latest Ad format for their 'Tang Summer Break Bestie' movement.

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Finally an appreciation worthy change
Entertainer Entertainer
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M facing ads normally also, after every 3-4 min
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Haa bhai mobile pe wohi prblm aata hai kbhi kbhi
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They promote piracy by making expensive subscription
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Koi Hindi me btyega 

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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What is pause ad feature?
Generous Generous
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When you pause a tv show, then ads will show
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Benevolent Benevolent
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so now one needs to press mute first before pressing pause

Savings Mentor Savings Mentor
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Just to be clear, the article has many paragraphs but still doesn't make it clear what is this feature. No it isn't the ability to pause an ad.😂

But ads will show when video is paused. Not a bad idea. Except if I am pausing it because I got a phone call, I don't want the ad blasting from my speakers at full volume.😂

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Bhai disney+ hotstar thode din baad TV pe chalaao aur baad mei video pause krna tb ye news yaad aayega shyd

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This adds more value to ad free plans.

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out of topic query - seeing WATCHO for the first time via this article so any info on what hotstar subscription WATCHO offers i.e. Super or Premium and similarly is it 4k Zee or just FullHD version, thanks..

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Here it is:

Watcho Max Plan

Disney+ & other 15 apps 
Rs. 299 monthly subscription
Rs. 1999 annual subscription

Watch Southmax Plan
Disney+ & other 18 apps
Rs. 309 month subscription
Rs. 2099 annual subscription

These 2 plans are convenient, according to me. for more in-depth DM!

(Can include tax)
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