How to Compare Food Prices of Zomato, Swiggy, MagicPin, EatSure Quickly?

The Craveo App compares Food Item Prices from many popular Food Ordering Apps in Real-Time so you can get the Best Price Quickly!

by FighterMan Updated: 11 Jul, 2024, 01:02 IST
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While ordering food online, we often compare prices of our favorite food items across food delivery apps. Also, these can be from our favorite restaurants. Comparison also includes the final price i.e. price after applying Coupons and Payment offers. Therefore, it takes time & effort to do this price comparison stuff across Zomato, Swiggy, MagicPin, EatSure, Thrive, Paytm Food, Ola ONDC, and many other food apps. To get it done hassle-free & quickly, there is an app called Craveo which was recently launched. You can also check all the Food Delivery Offers & Coupons

Compare Food Prices of Zomato, Swiggy, MagicPin, EatSure Quickly

Steps to Compare Final Price of Food Delivery Apps Quickly
  1. In the Craveo app, you simply need to link (login via OTP) the food apps.

  2. Now, select your desired food items from your favorite restaurant in any food app i.e. create an order on Zomato/Swiggy/MagicPin/EatSure and proceed to checkout

  3. Share the order to Craveo using the ‘share icon’ which is on the top right corner of the checkout page

  4. Now, Craveo will automatically compare your order price (includes delivery & other fees) from those food delivery apps where this restaurant and food items are available. Moreover, it will automatically apply the best coupon code and show you the final price comparison. However, payment offers are not compared yet.

It does not have any service charge as of now. Currently, Craveo serves limited users only (20-50k) as it is scaling daily to serve more & more users. Thus, you may need to join the waitlist. You will be notified (joining invitation) via email/sms once it gets ready for you to join.

There are many account specific Food Delivery Coupon Codes and Offers as well so for that you need to do a bit of trial & error to check whether Craveo applies the best offer or not.

You will also get to know the delivery time and amount saved in comparison. The best (lowest) price will always be on top and others will follow below in an ascending order.

The Craveo app promises at least 40% savings on food order every time. It is available on Google Play Store but Apple Store users will have to wait for some time but you can still sign up.

This was all about the food ordering price comparison app Craveo. It is the only app so far that offers this service in India!

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