How to Get free Airport Lounge Access Around the World?

Let's explore some easy and free options to get luxury facilities at Airport lounges for free. Travel smart choices are here!

by LilRoot Updated: 04 Jan, 2022, 02:09 IST
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Escape the stress of travel hustle with airport lounge access that offers a great deal of facilities for a pleasant experience. Let's accept this, long queues for check-in, uncomfy seats in the waiting area, constant announcements over the intercom, expensive food can be daunting at the airport. What if you could get access to a first class experience at the airport for free? Yes it is possible and the answer is simple - Airport Lounge!


Free facilities you can avail at airport lounges:
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635722/medium/69130441599564051_3.?1599564052Air Conditioning
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635723/medium/69130441599564055_0.?1599564055Alcohol
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635724/medium/69130441599564058_6.?1599564059Digital Card Accepted
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635725/medium/69130441599564061_3.?1599564062Disabled Access
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635726/medium/69130441599564064_8.?1599564065Flight Information
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635727/medium/69130441599564068_8.?1599564069Internet
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635728/medium/69130441599564072_7.?1599564073Newspapers/Magazines
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635729/medium/69130441599564075_2.?1599564076Refreshments
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635730/medium/69130441599564078_2.?1599564079TV
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635731/medium/69130441599564081_8.?1599564082Power outlet
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635732/medium/69130441599564084_1.?1599564086Food
  • https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/635733/medium/69130441599564088_2.?1599564089Wi-Fi

Some luxury benefits like Spa, shower, sleeping pods, conference, massage chairs, fitness centres, video games and pool table can be availed by paying an extra amount at the lounge itself. The access to the facilities can differ from lounge to lounge and also from domestic to International travel. Please check for exact hours of lounge operation, Access time allowance, number of guests allowed before visiting the lounge.

The lounge access is complimentary to first or business class tickets and we do not suggest to buy an expensive ticket to enjoy these luxuries. Here are several less expensive ways to get access to the best airport lounges around the world.

1. Frequent Flyer programme

    Certain airlines provide free access to their own lounges but such lounges could be limited so it’s best to sign up for a frequent flyer programme. Oneworld, Skyteam, and Star Alliance are three major alliances, each having over 600 lounges worldwide. You can get several other benefits like earning miles, priority boarding, check-in, lounge access and extra baggage allowance.

    You can sign up for free; just make sure the airlines you are travelling with is a part of the respective alliance. Also don’t forget to put in your membership number while booking the flight to enjoy the benefits.

    2. Pay per use or yearly membership programme

      Independent platforms like Lounge Buddy, Priority Pass or Sleeping in Airports offer access to lounges at an economical price. They have yearly membership programmes for frequent flyers and pay per use facility to enjoy the lounge benefits. Access to these lounges can be purchased online or directly at the lounge entrance.

      Basic package at Lounge buddy for Mumbai airport starts at $10 which includes free wifi, food and beverages access for 3 hours.

      3. Use Credit card Privileges

        Most of the credit cards have a free priority pass exclusive benefit (worth $99) which allows access to the airport lounge for free. Under the free access service of Priority Pass by MasterCard you would be charged an authorisation fee of Rs 25 for card validation which is later reversed. Visa cards are charged Rs 2 for such validation.

        Have listed value for money; from low fee to high fee range of credit cards below:


        Credit Card Joining Fee Annual Fee No. of annual usage free of charge
        Indusind Iconia Amex Nil Nil 2
        Axis Flipkart card Rs 500 Rs 500 4
        Amex Platinum Travel Card Rs. 3,500 Rs. 5,000 4


        Credit Card Joining Fee Annual Fee No. of annual usage free of charge
        HDFC Regalia Rs 2500 Rs 2500 12 (International/ Domestic)
        SBI Elite Rs 4999 Rs 4999 6 - International
        2 -Domestic
        ICICI Sapphiro Rs 6000 Rs 3500 2 - International
        4 -Domestic
        SBI Prime Rs 3000 Rs 3000 4 - International
        8 -Domestic
        Yes First Preferred Nil Nil 4 - International
        3 -Domestic
        HDFC Regalia First Rs 1000 Rs 1000 3 - International
        8 -Domestic


        Credit Card Joining Fee Annual Fee No. of annual usage free of charge
        HDFC Diners Black Rs 10,000 Rs 10,000 Unlimited
        Citi Prestige Rs 20,000 Rs 20,000
        Amex Platinum Charge Card
        Rs 60,000
        Rs 60,000
        Yes First Exclusive
        Rs 10,000
        Rs 10,000
        HDFC Infinia Rs.10,000 Rs.10,000 Unlimited

          4. Use Debit card Privileges

          Choosing the Debit card alternative works out much cheaper as the annual fee is minimal or the bank offers you a debit card for free with respective savings/current account. Check for the list of debit cards that offer free lounge access in India.

          Debit Card Joining Fee Annual Fee No. of annual usage free of charge
          Axis Bank Wealth Nil Nil 8
          Jet privilege HDFC Bank Signature Rs 500 Rs 500 8
          HDFC Times Points Rs 650 Rs 650 4
          HDFC Rupay Premium Rs 200 Rs 200 8
          ICICI Bank Coral Rs 599 Rs 599 8
          ICICI Bank Rubyx Rs 999 Rs 749 8
          ICICI Bank Sapphiro Rs.1999 Rs.1499 16
          IndusInd Signature Exclusive Nil Nil 8
          HDFC EasyShop Platinum Rs 750 Rs 750 8
          Axis Priority Debit card Nil Nil 8
          SBI Wealth Card Nil Nil 8
          HDFC Rupay Premium Rs 200 Rs 200 8
          SBI Platinum Debit card Rs 100 Rs 175 8
          Kotak Infinite Wealth Management Nil Nil 8
          Citi Gold Debit card Only for Gold members Only for Gold members 16

          The only drawback of debit cards is that it allows access to the lounges in India only. You have to rely on credit cards for International Lounge access.

          5. Request for a Free Upgrade

          The staff at the airport check-in desk has the authority to upgrade your ticket to a first class or business class ticket owing to the availability of the seats. Usually pregnant women, elderly, or parents with kids are happily considered for an upgrade. So basically no harm in trying to request as who knows it might work out to be your lucky day.

          Best Saving Tips:

          • Always prefer Mastercard over Visa as the number of affiliated lounges in Mastercard is higher than Visa for domestic lounges.
          • Priority Pass for International lounges gives access to more lounges around the world.
          • Ask for a free upgrade of your debit/credit card to your bank that offers most benefits.
          • Get multiple credit cards if you travel more than once a month.


          The best tip is to estimate your frequency of travel and check for free lounge access with the respective card. As a final verdict, the lounge experience is worth it for the facility it offers; just make sure you don’t end up spending too much for the sake of it. The food or drinks at the airport is expensive and lounges offer a decent variety of food options which can cost you minimum Rs 500 easily, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it! Choosing the right card can help you save a fortune for all your travel needs.

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          Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
          sandeepd wrote:

          All Indian cards are useless. I have regalia and priority pass. But the issue is only one person per card.
          I use my oversea credit card where I have add on card for my wife. And both card allow us to take one guest. So we are happily can go full family. Bonanza is unlimited visits around almost lounge access at each airport using lounge key.

          If I get add on card for regalia, can both use lounge same time?

          Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
          Harsh5 wrote:

          That means we can get free Alcohol, Food, refreshments, Magazines, AC, WiFi free free free?


          Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

          Accessed the lounge at Chennai airport using Axis Ace CC. They charged ₹2.

          Deal Cadet Deal Cadet

          Ghar se bahar jana safe nai he or around the world ki bat kar rahe he log….

          Kon he ye log kaha se aate he ye log rolleyes rolleyes

          Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

          HDFC Regalia card is the best one it comes with Priority pass.

          Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

          I have Regalia card with priority pass…..but it is charged 27$ per visits even on domestic airports.
          Any rules changes??

          Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
          singhpratapraghvendra642 wrote:

          I have Regalia card with priority pass…..but it is charged 27$ per visits even on domestic airports.
          Any rules changes??

          A. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access within India

          12 complimentary access per calendar year within India (both at domestic and international terminals) using the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
          Swipe your Regalia credit card at the lounge to avail the complimentary lounge access
          To check eligible Lounges for Visa Customers please visit here & for MasterCard customers please visit here
          Visits exceeding the complimentary quota will be allowed at the discretion of lounge and will also be chargeable by the lounge

          B. Priority Pass

          You can apply for Priority Pass for self and add on members once you complete minimum 4 retail transactions on your HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card. Click here to apply.
          Using Priority Pass, you and your add on member can together avail up to 6 Complimentary Lounge Access per calendar year, outside India.
          If you exceed the 6 Complimentary visits, you will be charged at US $27 + GST per visit

          Please note: Priority Pass in India will attract charges on your Credit Card. Click here to know more. You can visit www.prioritypa...om for list of lounge details.

          Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

          I used Hdfc platinum card at pune and kolkata. All worked fine for 2/- per use. Mumbai Intl also accepts same. Intl airport facilities are better than domestic(like free alcohol, more spacious., bigger menu).

          Deal Captain Deal Captain

          Does hdfc Regalia card have free international lounge access using priority pass or does it still take $27 dollars per visit. It shows 6 free international lounge access per year in the website.

          Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
          vikramreddevils wrote:

          Does hdfc Regalia card have free international lounge access using priority pass or does it still take $27 dollars per visit. It shows 6 free international lounge access per year in the website.

          Yes, it does offer international acces with PP.

          Click here to reply