Jio Satellite Internet Coming Soon as Jio-SES JV Orbit Connect gets IN-SPACe Authorisation to Enter Satcom Space

The authorization of Orbit Connect by IN-SPACe marks a pivotal moment for Jio-SES JV and the future of satellite internet in India.

by FighterMan Updated: 14 Jun, 2024, 11:03 IST
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In a significant development for India's telecommunications landscape, Jio Platforms Limited, in partnership with SES, has announced its entry into the satellite communications (satcom) sector through their joint venture, Orbit Connect. The initiative has received the green light from IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center), marking a major milestone towards the launch of Jio Satellite Internet services. Jio currently provides broadband internet via Jio Fiber, wireless broadband via Jio AirFiber, and mobile internet connectivity which has the highest user base. 


IN-SPACe Authorization: A Landmark Achievement

The authorization from IN-SPACe is a critical step forward for Jio-SES JV Orbit Connect. IN-SPACe, established by the Government of India to promote and regulate private sector participation in the space industry, plays a pivotal role in enabling commercial satellite ventures. This endorsement underscores the potential of Orbit Connect to transform India's internet connectivity landscape.

Facilitating Innovation and Expansion

IN-SPACe's approval facilitates the necessary regulatory and operational frameworks for Orbit Connect to deploy its satellite network. This support not only accelerates the project's timeline but also reinforces the government's commitment to fostering innovation and expansion in India's space sector.

The Joint Venture: Jio-SES Partnership
Combining Expertise and Resources

The collaboration between Jio Platforms and SES leverages the strengths of both companies. Jio, with its extensive experience in telecommunications and vast infrastructure, combines forces with SES, a global leader in satellite communications. This partnership aims to deliver high-performance satellite broadband services across India, especially in regions where traditional terrestrial networks are impractical.

Focus on Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites

Orbit Connect plans to utilize a constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to provide seamless and high-speed internet connectivity. LEO satellites, known for their lower latency compared to traditional geostationary satellites, are ideal for delivering efficient and reliable broadband services. This technology will ensure that even the most remote and underserved areas of India can access high-quality internet.

Benefits and Impact on India
Bridging the Connectivity Gap

Jio Satellite Internet is poised to bridge the digital divide by extending connectivity to rural and remote regions. Millions of Indians currently lack reliable internet access, hindering educational, economic, and healthcare opportunities. Satellite internet will address these challenges, providing a foundation for inclusive growth and development.

Enhancing Education and Healthcare

Access to high-speed internet will revolutionize education and healthcare in rural India. Schools will gain access to a wealth of online resources, enabling better educational outcomes. Healthcare facilities will benefit from telemedicine services, allowing remote consultations and improving healthcare delivery in underserved areas.

Empowering Economic Growth

Reliable internet connectivity is a catalyst for economic growth. Small businesses in rural areas will be able to participate in the digital economy, expanding their reach and customer base. E-commerce, digital payments, and online marketing will become accessible, driving economic activity and job creation.

Competitive Edge and Market Position
Strategic Advantages

The entry of Jio into the satellite internet space positions it against global players like SpaceX's Starlink and Amazon's Project Kuiper. However, Jio's deep understanding of the Indian market, combined with its existing telecom infrastructure and customer base, provides a significant competitive edge.

Potential for Strategic Partnerships

To enhance the effectiveness of its satellite internet services, Jio is likely to pursue strategic partnerships with global technology and space companies. These collaborations will be crucial for developing and maintaining a robust satellite network, ensuring service reliability and performance.

The authorization of Orbit Connect by IN-SPACe marks a pivotal moment for Jio-SES JV and the future of satellite internet in India. Jio Satellite Internet, powered by advanced LEO satellite technology, is set to revolutionize connectivity, bridging the digital divide and driving socio-economic development. As Jio-SES JV Orbit Connect moves forward, it promises to bring the benefits of the digital age to every corner of the country, positioning India as a leader in satellite communications.

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“Millions of Indians currently lack reliable internet access, hindering educational, economic, and healthcare opportunities“.

This is already hurting millions of Indians and the number just increases like the corporate margins.

The need of the hour is reforms and not technology. 
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