About the contest
DesiDime Desidime brings you Predict and Win contest to participate and win BIGGGGG !!
DesiDime All you have to do is predict the correct answers of the questions asked for each match.
DesiDime You can use your Gold Dimes to answer the paid questions but don’t worry, we have you covered, for participating everyday we will reward you with 5 Gold Dimes, irrespective whether your prediction is right or wrong.
DesiDime For each right prediction, you will earn points which will get accumulated every day and will be displayed on the leaderboard.
DesiDime We will be running two contests at a time, a main contest along with a mini contest.
DesiDime There will be two mini contests in total, 1st one will start from Match 21st to 45th and 2nd mini match will start from 46th match to 70th Match.
DesiDime Top 50 winners will be rewarded for the main match & top 10 winners for each mini matches.
DesiDime Important: If two users have same points, then the one answering fast will be considered in lead.
DesiDime So wear the predictors hat, the contest begins from 26th March 2022 and goes all the way up to finals.
DesiDime All the Best, may the best predictor win !
Terms and Conditions:
1. Prediction will start from 26th March 2022 and daily new questions will be updated for each match.
2. The winner will be decided on the basis of points earned by dimers by doing correct predictions.
3. Decision by DesiDime will be final in case of any dispute.
4. DesiDime reserves all rights to suspend users or take corrective actions in case of fraudulent actions.
5. DesiDime site rules and terms apply.