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  • by samiulbca403 on 08 July 2012
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    I have bought a Tshirt from this Online shop and i am extremely sorry to say that the product they sent is very low quality. I could not use it not more than 2/3 days and it became faded. So before buying any thing form this online shop think twice. view more
  • by ms.shek165 on 22 June 2012
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    I had booked a T-shirt online. I waited for 3 weeks, but i dint get my T-shirt only. When I saw the status, it said the product was delivered to some other person. Now my money is also gone, I dint get my favorite T-shirt also. :-{ They also haven't mentioned their contact number also. Now, how to ask them about the product. When a mail is sent to them, they don't even bother to respond. Coz they will be caught if they respond. So, never book a product on 24hoursloot. whatever you see on th... view more
  • by reeediffff on 21 March 2012
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    I am just going to talk about my experience with 24hours loot I have bought a couple of t-shirts from 24hoursloot before. Well, so far the transaction have been smooth, each time a single piece was ordered. Recently, I had purchased 2 t-shirts, but when I received the package, there was just one of them (shipping charges applies includes for both t-shirts). When I received, the package was intact. So, I assume nothing could have gone wrong post shipment. I contacted 24 hours loot helpd... view more
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