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  • by malamuri440 on 12 October 2013
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    I had placed order on sport shoe on Bagittoday. I had made total payment while placing order. I have received the wrong shoe and added to that the shoe that was sent was 3 year old. I had asked for replacement. They have agreed to replace the shoe but are setting a conditon that I have send back the shoe which was wrongly sent at my cost. After completiong this process, they will check and send the right product after 10 days. I had insisted on sending the right shoe first. After which they a... view more
  • by prasmin820 on 14 September 2013
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    A Typical Delhi based CHEATERS. Order for any material, they would find a duplicate fake product of same design and would mark it branded and send it to you. I did order Lotto shoes and they found a product from a street hawker and name it Lotto and marked same to same like Lotto shoes and did send me. I told them about the specialty of brand identification, but they did not reply to me. One of my friend also faced same cheating activity done by them. They can brand any shoes like Lotto... view more
  • by Akhil_Dara on 25 October 2011
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    It emails all the waste things which we can get more cheaper rates.ANd they dont ship fast.Their service is bad view more
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