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  • by bhatia83831 on 04 May 2020
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    I had ordered some stuff, but when the ordered was received, it was wrong items supplied. On further persuasion with the online support I came to know that they are not able to exchange or refund the product as merchant don't want to take it back. Firstly I don't know who the merchant is. I had placed my order through Grofers and they are not willing to take any onus. The support staff is pathetic and is much worse than a government organisation. This was my first order with Grofers and will ... view more
  • by martinbrenda... on 27 April 2020
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    I had ordered grocery on the 21st March. The order was all prepaid and they had all the items in stock. They kept my payment for more than 2 weeks, and the government even allowed the delivery of essential items. However realising that they could sell the same stocks at a higher price, they cancelled my order without consulting me on the 31st March and returned my money much later,. I was cheated because I did not order else where because I was confident that they would deliver as prepaid. Th... view more
  • by ajaygupta199... on 03 August 2019
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    Not delivered things on time. Very poor service and customer care service. Not recommending anyone further Also cancel order very often and transfer money in grofer wallet so that you can always use view more
  • by shvishal04422 on 11 May 2019
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    Grofers are cheaters, pathetic and worst service and employees…..It is a waste of time and money and never get delivery….The only work you have to do is chase them and beg them to deliver your order for days and days…and it will never get delivered.. No one is responsible to answer you what is going on ……..I paid in advance around 3000 for my order and no show from last so many days…….daily heck and frustration to call this Grofers guy and ask them when it will be delivered…….If you want to w... view more
  • by androgame on 08 January 2019
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    Ordered some fruits from groders long time back, received bad products which were completely raw Contacted Customer care and they initiated a refund for these So , overall their customer service is awesome, but they need to keep a check on their warehouses and the product quality view more
  • by GauravSingla on 15 September 2015
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    PATHETIC Service and UNPROFESSIONAL/ ARROGANT Customer Care :-( I PLACED an order & they CANCELLED it without any reason.. I got 5-6 calls from customer care & wasted at-least 2-3 hour talking to them.. First they called me & told that the product is Out of Stock. When i confronted them saying that the product is readily available in market then they said OK they will arrange for it.. Later they called me again & told that i have to pay Rs 482 extra if I want my order to be served or... view more
  • by ssethi8485873 on 23 August 2015
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    I am very happy with grofers Delivery timing - Gr8 Discounts coupons - Ultimate Options schemes - Let's say 'Gajab' view more