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  • by mithunvalsan487 on 19 September 2016
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    I am extremely disappointed with HOME SHOP18 customer service, Who ever i spoke to they are highly arrogant and rude for no reason. First of all they really don't wanted to listen my issue, I placed few products and got it deliverer also but when i called the to replace one of the product then there is no track of it nor any updates in there system. Its very scary too because i have paid the amount through my credit cards and they doesn't have any details of my Oder, The surprise was the same... view more
  • by rohilla.priy... on 09 April 2015
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    I am really frustrated n disappointed with HomeShope18 sevices. The product quality is so cheap. Kindly check the reviews of the Product on Google(for the quality) before ordering them. I have ordered the Shamrock doormats and the quality of the products is so cheap. They charge the Price for 2 products and delivered me only one product. From the day, when I got the delivery of the Products I am calling them everyday and they promise me to return a call within 24-48 working hours but its been... view more
  • by vdhrjadeja899 on 19 February 2015
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  • by mandarama700... on 27 November 2014
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    i have ordered dress on 29 october 2014, it was delivered after a week, i found the dress is not so good, i couriered the same product, till now as per today 15 days the product has been delivered to them, and i ordered a replacement product instead, but they are not resolving this issue, even though calling hundred times, no response form homeshop18, i request ministry of company affairs should take legal action against homeshop18. and should ban the alloted frqeuency for there channel. i re... view more
  • by awarenessinf... on 18 November 2014
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    Very imp I take this opportunity to highlight this information for general awareness I ordered a shipment from HM18 around 1 month ago, which went through a lot of mishandling and poor response from HM18. The delivery date was delayed up to two weeks for which no information was provided to me. The customer care executives used few un-accepted words to communicate and gave around 3 complaint numbers(None of which was closed by HM18). Around 15 -emails were sent in regards to misbehav... view more
  • by gaurav_kanau... on 19 June 2014
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    Order # 945655373 Micromax unite 2 mobile. Send a defective one. I asked to replace. First time HS18 replied and asked to return the mobile through speedpost. I send it through Speedpost. As per indiapost they have received mobile on 09/06/14. Tried to establish communication so many times through email, telephone. Each time got a 48 hrs deadline. Now I have nothing in my hand. Mobile is also gone. Money is also with them. They don’t replied any of my emails or telephonic ca... view more
  • by vbhalla78377 on 04 February 2014
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    Happy to say that homeshop18 are selling defective worst quality products, spice coolpad is getting booted , hanged and gave you only 5 hours standby time, the worst experience of my life that i shop with homeshop18. Its getting heated takes 7 hours to charge, so people thinking to buy dont buy , and even after confirming that homeshop18, will refund the money they delay in pickup and in last after a month of complains they refuse to accept so please dont buy products from homeshop 18 , i hav... view more
  • by sun_7wells on 28 December 2013
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    In Home shop18 we used to buy electronics items with discount coupons. Their product range is very good and less price compare to others. Their service (package and delivery) excellent and prompt. I received the products in 2 working days. Packaging was very good. Really worth buy. Overall pleasant purchase experience with home shop. We look for more purchases with it. Also we recommend to others. view more
  • by lkrishnaa on 29 October 2013
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    At first, I was a bit skeptical buying from Homeshop18, as their prices aren't that great, and they don't have much discount coupons available (typical Indian mindet, eh?!). Surprisingly, they had a copy of the book The Great Gatsby (awesome book, by the way) for 68 rupees, one of the cheapest available. So, I bought it. Sadly, the book wasn't available for them to send. I got a bit disappointed with them, as they had displayed it as In Stock on their website. But they did provide me wi... view more
  • by thatsenigma on 16 September 2013
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    Dear Dimers, I had read lot of negative reviews about homeshop18 but nevertheless I decided to bite the bullet when I found superdeal on samsung galaxy s3. I ordered the phone on Sep 8 and received it on 13th afternoon via Aramex. My objective assessment on the review parameters: *Product and Pricing: Very Good* The superdeals pricing was great and the product I received is an original one. *Shipping and Packaging: Very good* I received the product in 5 working days. Packaging w... view more