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  • by abhispree on 18 July 2012
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    :evil: :evil: :evil: I bought from mangostreet only because I was getting a 50% off coupon. First they were not able to trace my payment. After 2 weeks they stated that the products are not in stock currently and I have to wait. I insisted on refund but they maintained that the order will be sent ASAP. I kept on insisting on a refund and they agreed. 3 months have passed and I still haven't received any refund inspite of numerous mails... Now the website isn't working, they have been inac... view more
  • by cadrjain on 25 May 2012
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    I would myself never purchase from the site. There has been absolutely no communication for the vendor for a month. The item purchased by me has not been received. Customer Service number doesnt respond. Hopeless. Lost my money!! view more
  • by roshnimohanr... on 28 April 2012
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    This site has a long way to go as far as customer service is concerned. I very much doubt it's just a one-man show. Their invoice does not mention a customer service number and the only number given on their website is a landline number, whch goes unanswered most of the time and even when answered, mostly by a guy called Rahul, he has no clue on how to help you, just says he will check and call you back, which never happens! I purchased shoes for my child through this site and got the wrong s... view more
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