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  • by sachins on 01 April 2013
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    Good website for all types of beauty care and Personal care products and products available at Great price.:-} view more
  • by vitasta.abro... on 17 October 2012
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    I ordered a body shop face wash from medplus I got my product after 8 days. I dont know why the site lies as shipping in 1-5 days. And finally when i opened my product, i was shocked.It was very diluted. i could see the water present in the bottle. 1/4th of the bottle was filled with foam. The original face wash is so thick. but i was shocked to see how this site cheats on the customers.I called the customer care. The guy told me to send the product back to medplus beauty (bear th... view more
  • by achinkkp359 on 22 August 2012
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    Please be careful while purchasing from Medplus Beauty. They are a little tricky people. While you order many items in a single order, they will not send you one item (say due to shortage) and they will send you a credit coupon which you must use within 30 days otherwise you will loose your paid money. When you forced to purchase again to utilize this coupon, naturally you may order more items amounting a total of more than Rs.300/- to avoid shipping charges. The above events may repeat agai... view more
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