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Deal baba big


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Then transfer it to your bank account.
I had the same problem. Added 500 to buy GC. Amazon GC was not available. then Used TMWFIFTY to recharge . Transferred remaining amount to bank. Transaction charges Rs10. So, got 40 extra.


Bought 2 bb vouchers, thanks


Offer valid only 100 customers
80 users in this post commented…I’m 81


Ok. But looks like no option to buy ‘gift cards’ on desktop website of TMW…?


That is unfair practice, and non sustainable business practice…but nevertheless such tactics are adopted for short term gains, especially by new/smaller companies!!

Anyways, in “Help” they have given a no of snapshots, which doi hint for this kind of possible traps in this app.

e.g. If we have to transfer now to bank, it would allow only >=Rs.200 and at commission of say 2% or so…