Helpchat Offers You A Personal Assistant On The Go

Helpchat is your personal assistant that helps you get more things done in less effort, and it is available to you anywhere, anytime. A mobile phone app for Android, iOS and Windows phones; it provides you help with almost all the things in your daily life, simply via a mobile chat.
If you are planning a holiday, or if you need to make a business trip, then it will tell you all the information about bus, flight or train availabilities, without requiring you to download any other travel app. Be it planning your tour, selecting the best packages or checking your PNR status, it helps you in every kind of travel help that you may need.
Out of mobile recharge? Worry not, it gives you suggestions on the best recharge plan for you and also recharges your phone, simply through a chat, within minutes. Home is where you need the most help. Be it painting, laundry, cleaning, beauty services, plumbing or any other household service that you may require, it has you all at drop of a hat. Also, it gives assistance while ordering food. So, if you don’t want to visit multiple sites to place an order for food when you are hungry, simply drop in a message and Helpchat will get the food delivered to you. Not only food, this app also connects you with your local stores to place orders. It provides you information about the availability of the products you need from your local stores and their prices, all on your mobile phone.
You can even book movies and cabs with it. Apart from all this, it provides you with daily weather updates, news updates, movie updates, trending videos and even air pollution levels in your vicinity.

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By making all these services available on a single app, via small chats, Helpchat has sure made life easier for all. On the other hand, when it comes to making life and all these small luxuries more ‘affordable’ for you, DesiDime is the right place to be.
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Points To Remember About Helpchat Promo Codes

Most promo codes will get you discount in form of cashback. So, always check what is the minimum bill amount and the maximum cashback available to make the most savings from that code.
Apart from bringing you regular coupons, the DesiDime team works hard towards you bringing some exclusive coupons codes, too.
Unless specifically stated otherwise, a single promo code can be used only once by every user.
If you face any difficulties while using a coupon code you need to contact Helpchat or its service partner. The customer support number, timings, and other information like the returns and exchange policies are all given on the left hand side of the store page on DesiDime.
Also, if you have any doubts or if you need some other information about a promo code, you can ask the DesiDime community members on an existing coupon thread or start your own thread. They will try to help you in any way possible.
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