Anyone has purchased AZA Carpets from BigBazaar...

Anyone has purchased AZA Carpets from BigBazaar / FutureBazaar?

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Has anyone purchased the AZA range of carpets from BigBazaar / FutureBazaar? They claim to be made in Egypt but are printed carpets. Their prices are good I feel, but I don’t know if they are worth it.…

I’m looking to surprise my mom by purchasing one of those, but I’m zero about these household stuff! Anyone with experience in using these can throw some light on their quality and value for money.

I’m looking to buy,… @ Rs.529
+ add some filler to take it past Rs.599 and then apply the Rs.150 off 599 coupon.

That way, the carpet 80cmx140cm @ around Rs.400, is it worth it?