Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce stores operating in India. It started off as an online book store and has today expanded to offer its customers a wide range of products across various categories including movies, music, games, mobiles, cameras, computers, healthcare and personal products, home appliances and electronics, stationery, perfumes, toys, apparels, shoes and more.


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  • by archanabulbu... on 10 May 2015

    I have done a purchase of Daikin Spilt Inverter AC for about Rs 41000, on 13 April.The purchase was done under a scheme which flipkart was offering. It said that the purchase can be done under an offer of EMI Plus cashback if the payment is done with few credit cards. SBI was one of them. We called before making payment and they confirmed the deal. I am faced with huge problems due to this purchase. 1. The Daikin company has told me that they are not giving any warranty on AC purchased from Flipkart. 2. SBI Card has refused to given any EMI option as promised by Flipkart. Now we are running literally from pillar to post, and Flipkart is only giving us date after date for a call from ‘concerned’ department. Its literally ‘taareekh pe taareekh’ that Flipkart is giving us. WE ARE REALLY REPENTING THE PURCHASE FROM FLIPKART. WE REQUEST THE FLIPKART COMPANY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, WHICH IS REALLY A CLEAR CASE OF CHEATING. THEY PROMISED WARRANTY ON AC AND EMI OPTION ON SBI CARD, WITHOUT ANY SUCH ARRANGEMENT WITH THE RESPECTIVE COMPANIES. ARUN SRIVASTAVA

    Order Number – OD202579571332966300 .

  • by life on 22 April 2015

    their service is good but amazon is much better and much customer centric.

  • by desidealbaba on 16 April 2015

    It was my sister who introduced me to online shopping. When I was studying MA… I was looking for a

    book but couldn’t find it at any physical store I knew. My sister found it was available on Flipkart and

    ordered it. Since then whenever I need a book, I check for it on flipkart, first. As a lazy butt, getting a

    book delivered to your doorstep feels great, and so I have been hooked to online shopping, especially

    for books.

    Till date, all my book orders from Flipkart have been on time and trouble-free, except once when I had

    order a new book but had got a second-hand. But that was the seller’s fault I think, and when I

    demanded an exchange, flipkart promptly replaced it without hassle.

    Apart from books, I and my sister have bought other things too from flipkart… bags, jackets, even a

    mobile phone. In case of the phone, I had earlier ordered the phone on eBay because it was priced less

    there. But eBay cancelled my order after 3 days because the seller did not ship the item on time… then I

    ordered from Amazon, but Amazon also cancelled the order after 3 days stating a stupid reason that my

    address was undeliverable (I mean then why take the order at all!). The real reason I think was the

    phone had gone out of stock. Finally, my sister ordered it for me from Flipkart. Although they had given

    a 1 week delivery time, it arrived within 3 days!

    For me, online shopping from Flipkart has always been a good experience with only small hiccups like

    slight delay in delivery of some orders.

  • by rajput.niraj... on 15 April 2015

    My Flipkart order number OD002516057293480200 and they supposed to deliver by yesterday as mention by them after 23 days of paid order. Now today Flipkart cancelled the order and saying that will pay the amount you paid. From the day I order there was no movement in the tracker and I asked twice to the Flipkart customer care through mail and call in between. I stay in Mumbai which is well connected and best in India as a Metro or a big city.
    I was expecting the product from so long time and they too realize the money that period of time. If this case is happening to customer like me… there will millions of customer with them and they are do the same reverse payment they will always having several millions of rupee in their account which will make them profitable as they are not delivering and money is there in the account and it is rotating with one customer to other.
    This is a big business; Flipkart is in. Even they show currently in loss but in a year they will be profitable by cheating people like us.
    Think twice or thrice before paying online on Flipkart! Please beware!!
    Niraj Singh