Avoid Greendust - faulty products in factory se...

Avoid Greendust - faulty products in factory seconds - no after sales response

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Please avoid buying ‘factory seconds’ items from Greendust. Recently I purchased a travel steam iron (Black & Decker make) under this category. On enquiry with their call centre it was mentioned that irons will come in damaged carton box, but product is in good condition. Inturn I received an iron box with steam function not working. RMA was raised through their website which inturn mentioned that item will be picked up for replacement, till date no response. A call with their contact centre made me now that they don’t know what is ‘RMA’ and issued me a docket no. stating an engineer will visit to rectify the problem.

No response either. Hope sharing such experience in forums will help others also to think twice before taking a step to order from this website and wasting ones hard earned money.