Cafe Pinocchio(Gurgaon)- Awful, Shameless, Rude...

Cafe Pinocchio(Gurgaon)- Awful, Shameless, Rude, Inconsiderate, Insulting

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Score: 2 Votes: 2
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Dear All,

I ordered pizza from Cafe Pinocchio in Gurgaon which is based at Qutub Plaza in DLF 1. To cut a long story short, the management of Cafe Pinocchio is the most rude and disrespectful that I have ever encountered. I am copying and pasting a review of this outlet that I have already written.

_ Excellent Food. Let me make that clear first of all._

_ Pathetic and Awful Customer service & Interface._

_ I had a conversation with Mr Bhargava, who I assume is a manager or something of the sorts at this establishment. He is uncouth, extremely rude and extremely disrespectful. The delivery boys do not carry change whilst making deliveries. The customer is supposed to make good for that change and is held accountable for the same._

_ I have been living in Gurgaon since 2008. This is the first time I have had an experience where I felt humiliated and insulted for ordering food. I wanted to return the order because I just did not want to deal with these people. I was told that I could not refuse the order and that INR420 was a very big amount to them. Ultimately I returned the order and also PAID for it. As I see it, with Pinocchio Pizza not only does one have to pay for the food that one does not want anymore, one also has to be insulted for it. _

_ I am not willing to patronise a food outlet which does not know how to treat its customers civilly. Also, the management needs to realise and accept that their soft skills count for more than the quality of their food does._

Warm Regards,