Rediff shopping not changed as we thought and w...

Rediff shopping not changed as we thought and will never change too

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order no: 8503687
Order Date: 7th Sep
Order Amount: 420/-
Delivery Date: 12th Sep.
Product is defective so immdtly raised a request to arrange reverse pick up and provide replacement on 12th sep itself with the below content.

Regarding my order 8503687, the item I received is defective. I am unable to charge the item even after 1 hour. The charging indicator Red in color is not turning up. Please arrange a pick-up as mentioned in the FAQs. provides pick up option in case you have received defective product and you wish to replace it. For this, you need to contact the customer support within 48 hrs from the time of delivery of the product.

13th Sep
Got a prompt reply from cc asking me to send the item to vendor. Shocking though, what I mentioned in the mail and they are asking me to do? So I again I called up the CC and asked them about their policy, they said as there is long queue for reverse pickup it will delayed a couple of days and instead you can send to the vendor and wait for the item. The delivery charges will be refunded. I don’t want to be in problem again with the delivery charges another 100 or 150 bucks. So I preferred reverse pickup. I didn’t receive any confirmation.

Again I called them on 21st. Then they raised a request for pickup in max. 4-5 working days. So waited till today

On 28th(today), called them again asking what happen to the request.
Rediff: “Oh not done yet?? so pls be waited for another couple of days.”
Me: So how many days it takes totally to get the replacement.
REdiff: It will be picked up in another couple of days and then takes 5 working days to reach us and then we will take couple of days to get the approval process. Then will send the item which will be delivered to you in 5 working days.
Me: So totally about 15 days if the pick up is done.
Rediff: Yes, its our policy.
Me: ok then I am not ready to wait for it and want to go for refund.
Rediff: Ok Send us an email with the same reason and looking for refund instead of replacement.
Me: Sent an email and called them back to take the confirmation about it and forcing them to raise the request.
Rediff: Oh you sent an email ok, then it takes another couple of days to look after emails.
Me: No other option, except to wait for it.

So dimers, do we really need to bear with this kind of website on DD? There were many FPDs recently with rediff deals. So please try to avoid rediff as much as possible. This is the second store from which I got defective item apart from Maniacstore for the last 3 years of experience. Of course Shopclues is also there but they refunded the money without any questions with little delay and only 2 followups, and believe me, the item is still with me.

I know rediff shopping atleast for 6 years if I remember correctly, They didn’t change at all and think can’t and will never change.

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Firstly, thanks for sharing this info. smile

Secondly, you are a deal hunter and an experienced dimer. I wonder how you shop with stores like maniacstore and rediff in spite of all the negative reviews we have had about them in the past and then post your problem here. Any sensible man would not do this. roll

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As much i remember in both ur cases (this one and previous) there was some issue in arranging/delaying the process for reverse pickup from site/vendor . I don’t see a big problem in this .This has happened to me many a times and now i don’t bother about reverse pick up . Even though the reverse pick up is available at my place but still 8 out of 10 times snapdeal/shopclues/homeshop18 guys say it can’t b done evil . Ultimately i have to send the parcel by my own but than they reimburse the charges what i tell to them . There is always a 10% chance of facing small issues like this when buying online and i keep this thing in my mind .

@ venkat – Rather than wasting ur energy in calling/mailing them better to send the product by ur own and ask courier person to fill some extra amount of what u r paying . It’s not a crime either . Neither any website will provide u extra money nor they will understand the thing that u spent on packing , petrol and all . So simply include that in courier amount and made them pay for this. Jab seedhi ungli se ghee na nikaley to ungli tedhi kar lo bhai wink . Why to waste ur precious time in dealing with them wink

P.S – I am not saying that rediff is a good website as my earlier experience not so good but heard that they have improved a bit.

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viveka wrote:

Firstly, thanks for sharing this info. smile

Secondly, you are a deal hunter and an experienced dimer. I wonder how you shop with stores like maniacstore and rediff in spite of all the negative reviews we have had about them in the past and then post your problem here. Any sensible man would not do this. roll

Brother that was the first & last time with Maniac stores I did the shopping, so I didn’t expect any negative things around. And the same with rediff and recent past I heard they have improved a lot. Earlier I never used to post any deals of Rediff, even don’t like to use their prices for comparison. But after knowing that they have improved a bit, I went for the purchase. And immdtly found they have not improved anything. Interesting they are the same.

@RDX, Maniac store never send me any communication to send the defective item back. Its a long time now. After that even other dimers have the same problem of receiving the defective items.

With Rediff, they are not even responding properly, they always spoke to me like they are for the first time on this issue. If it is the other sites like you mentioned, I would have gone with the sending of the item. I also mentioned about shopclues who refunded the money with out asking any questions or to send the item back.

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Hahahaa, they’ve improved a bit???? Not at all as far as responding in case of any problem.

I ordered 2 sets of envie AAA rechargeable batteries and the seller IMS Mercantiles Pvt Ltd. only sent 1 set (which has 2 batteries). I complained to rediff and since I’m mostly busy, i still haven’t had a chance to scold them on call.

But, they had responded to email saying the remaining products will be delivered soon. I sent followup emails for the last 15 days both to seller and rediff and there is no response. I feel dumb at placing an order from them in the first place. Damn those 100-150Rs coupons!!! twisted twisted twisted

And a message to all the dimers: STAY AWAY FROM REDIFF SHOPPING if you don’t want to be cheated.