Why should u never buy from Shopclues

Why should u never buy from Shopclues

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1. There products are absolutely of low quality.
2. Even small products take a long time to deliver approx. 1 week
3. In many cases , products turn out to be defective or not working or improper or less quantity .
4. For refund we have to write many emails after which they communicate back with us . This takes approx. half week
5. For pick up of product this provejure again takes say half to 1 week depending on the product
6. We have to keep writing to them regarding this so they initiate a refund . This is also half week work .
7. Finally refund to show in our bank account needs approx 1 week .
Request u all for bit discounts pls dont prefer Shopclues atlest for costly products like mobiles TVs Tablets ACs . Dont think of Rs 1000 or Rs 2000 discount which will cause u a big headache afterwards .
Some months ago similar fate had happened with me . I ordered a home gym which took approx. 10 days to reach me . It was defective . All rubber falling down and lose and very poor quality . I complained them and nearly it took them 10 days to get back to me with more than 10 emails sent by me . After approx 10 days the product was picked u by them . It took it 10 days to reach there . And 10 more days to initiate a refund . Finally this was a 2 mth headache time wasting procejure to get back my money .

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Bal ganesh
Deal Subedar

There are some good deals brother like MTR Upma and poha for Rs50. Tastes nice n cheap.Had bought many items like that earlier, I mean, I bought around 30+ items so far with few issues of course. Buy only branded items, that is you know what you are going to receive. No costly items. Costly branded items can be fake. Its basically your experience to judge whether the deal will be good or not.

Deal Cadet

100% right. There are many threads in this section stating the same. Shopclues is a typical example of foolish VC’s funding a total fraud set up. But, obviously the offers are too attractive for innocents not to get trapped. As long as there are people who have not had a bad experience (or any experience) of Shopclues, they will keep getting customers. God help Shopclues after customers realise and no one buys.