10 Cool Hacks for Your Hi-Tech Life

10 Cool Hacks for Your Hi-Tech Life


Advancing technology is obviously here to make your life simpler, easier. But sometimes, with these advancements come a new set of problems. And more often than not these secondary problems are more irritating, because damn, they are so trivial that you think they ought to have a quick, simple solution, not to mention, inexpensive, too.

Yes, you are right; your first world problems do have dirt cheap, yet immensely effective solutions. Here are some of them.

1. Mobile Phone Car Mount – I

You or your sister might have stopped using rubber bands since end of school, but they are much more industrious than you ever imagined! Yes, these unassuming, sometimes colourful, thin bands of rubber make the best and cheapest ever car mount for your mobile phone!

Simply loop it around one of the vents of your car’s AC, and you are done!


2. Mobile Phone Car Mount – II

Now, if you want a slightly more sophisticated car mount for your mobile phone, pair that rubber band with a binding clip. Here’s how…


Now, place your phone between the metal holders and clip the binding clip to your car’s AC vent.

clipper4[Image Courtesy: romanceonadime.com]

Tip: Wrap the metal edges that make contact with your phone in thread to avoid scratches.

3. Save Your Eyes

Working on your laptop out in the glaring sun for some stupid reason? Or just want to read documents or books with color inversion on your PC or laptop to save some damage to your eyes? Here’s how you can do that…

Press Left_Alt + Left_Shift + PrintScreen to enable high contrast in Windows PC, and click Yes in the pop-up box. Press the same keys again to disable it.

high contrast

4. Save Your Cords

Do your charging cords start fraying too soon, leaving metal wires hazardously exposed? Here’s how you can make them last for as long as your mobile phone…

Slightly stretch a pen spring, and then wind it around your charging cord using one end, like how you attach a key to a metal key-chain.

pen spring

5. Earphone Holder

Damn, those ear buds for getting tangled even after you take extra care to arrange them neatly before putting them away!

We bet you have some old gift card or credit card lying around. Unearth them to make a nifty ear-bud holder. You can also use them as all types of cord holders.

Old-Gift-Cards-Make-Great-Earbud-Holders[Image Courtesy: apartmenttherapy.com]

All you need to do is cut the card at the right places.


6. Print Some More

Did your cartridges run out of ink just when you urgently needed to print a few pages? Yeah that always happens. Here’s how you can still print a couple of pages by squeezing out those last vestiges of ink from your apparently empty cartridges.

reset copyPinterest

7. Wi-Fi Booster

Plodding through work due to frustratingly weak Wi-Fi signal? Before you decide to invest in a new, high-range Wi-Fi router, try doing this…

wifisteps copy[Image Courtesy: Mngadget.in/ socialphy]

8. Phone Charging Station

No table or mount near a charging socket! Now, where the hell do I place my mobile phone while it is charging? Worry not; you can make a cool, portable mobile phone holder yourself!

charger[Image Courtesy: Howaboutorange.it]

Here’s how…


9. Cheap Ear-bud Replacements

Always ripping or losing those tiny silicon buds of your earphones? Here’s a cheap and easy way to replace them.

Merely cut the ear plugs and pierce holes in them according to the size of your ear phones and affix them!


10. Cut-rate Portable Speakers

Don’t have portable speakers! Alas, our sympathies are with you. While you try to get your hands on them, here is an insanely inexpensive, but respectably amplifying solution. All you need is a toilet paper roll and two use-and-throw glasses.



speaker copy



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