How It Works?

Members Collaborate
Deal-savvy members, called Dimers, find
and share deals and coupons from a
wide range of products and stores.
Community Votes

All the offers posted are open to votes
and feedback by the entire
Team Curates
The truly best offers are called Front Page
Deals and collated on the home page for
everyone to grab while they last.
Our Objective
Help shoppers make the most informed shopping decisions
With lakhs of shoppers from all over India rating and discussing every deal; suggesting better bargains; and exchanging expert shopping advice, tips and tricks; the DesiDime forums aim to help every shopper find the right things, at the right price and right time.
Offer a one-stop shop for bargain hunting
Be it daily deals, special promotions, freebies, coupons, online and in-store deals across India; the community strives to bring all kinds of shopping bargains under one roof.
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