Android Software free for limited time

Android Software free for limited time

stoptomove 1. Lux light Pro ₹20
Measure light intensity

Illuminance - Lux Light Pro is a simple light meter for measuring illuminances (lux) by using the light sensor of your android device.
- Show the light reference range value for each type of environment
- Shows the minimum, maximum and average value
- Recommend the best light value in lux for each room type

2. Who Uses My Wifi ₹50

- Scans all WiFi network devices in seconds
- Check who is on my wifi / Detect wifi thief
- Router Admin: or or , etc
- Ping tool
- Port scanner
- Network monitor
- Router Password List
- Gives you ip, device type
- Vendor address database to find which vendor's device is connected
- One-Click Quick Scan

3. Wifi and 5G meter ₹50

- Cellular signal information
- WiFi signal information
- Accurate WiFi and Cellular signal strength
- WiFi roaming
- Ping tool

In Cellular signal:
View 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G cellular signal, network operators, sim operator, phone type, network type, network strength in dBm, IP address,...

In WiFi signal:
Wi-Fi-Name (SSID), BSSID, maximum Wi-Fi speed, IP address, public IP address, net capability, net channel, subnet mask, Gateway IP address, DHCP server address, DNS1 and DNS2 address,...

In WiFi roaming:
You can finding out which Wi-Fi AP the device used to access the network;
Router name, network id, time,...

The app is constantly updating the signal strength so you can walk around your house, work, or anywhere you connected to WiFi or cellular to find the best connection.

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Expiring In 9 days
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