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Apply 50% coupon - Namaskaram: A Novel of Passion and Romance by Rajneesh Verma (Rajneesh V. Shrikant) Paperback – 9 September 2023

Apply 50% coupon - Namaskaram: A Novel of Passion and Romance by Rajneesh Verma (Rajneesh V. Shrikant) Paperback – 9 September 2023

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Deal Cadet

This story originates from the heart of a bustling metropolis where the towering skyscrapers kiss the sky. The pulsating beat of ambition measures the rhythm of life. An unconventional romance unfurled there. This is a tale of events that weaves together the lives of three individuals - Jasmin Fernandez, Sharat Somkar, and Juliet Kumar. It started from the confines of a prestigious export corporation named Siva Spinners. It generated intricate emotions and unanticipated connections. Jasmin Fernandez is a formidable woman of brilliance and determination. She stood at the helm of the export-oriented company of textiles. As the chairperson of Siva Spinners, her every step was meticulously calculated. Her decisions shaped the course of industry and the lives of many. Yet, beneath her commanding exterior lay a woman yearning for a connection. It transcended the confines of boardrooms and executive meetings. Jasmin stands on the brink of a profound juncture. The complexity of her past hardships converges with the unforeseenable ebbs and flows of matters of the heart. Sharat Somkar is an unassuming yet capable young man. He embarked on a journey to make his mark in the corporate landscape. Little did he know that his path would lead him to Siva Spinners, where his ambition collided with destiny. Sharat’s journey intersects with two remarkable women, Jasmin and Juliet. Each represented a different facet of his desires and dreams. As he goes along with Jasmin, the enigmatic chairperson, his life takes an unexpected turn. It revealed a world of ramifications and emotions he had never anticipated. His quest was to climb the ladder of success. He finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue, emotions, and choices that could redefine his trajectory. Juliet Kumar, an integral part of the Human Resources department at the company, exudes warmth and compassion in equal measure. She is a young angry woman who knows how to handle mischievous people. She takes care of them as

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