Coke drink and win 2.O [ Contest ]

Coke drink and win 2.O [ Contest ]

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Terms and Conditions

Coke® Studio Bharat

1. Promotion Details, Concept and Participation
“Coke Studio® Bharat” Promotion (“Promotion”) is a consumer promotion organised by Coca-Cola India Private Limited (“CCIPL”), wherein individuals upon scanning the QR Code on the Promotion Products (as defined hereinbelow) can participate in and win Prize(s) (as defined in Clause 7) by registering on the Promotion Website (as defined hereinbelow) and performing activities (detailed in Clause 6) as provided post such registration, in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

The Promotion shall be valid for the individuals residing in All India region except Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar Islands(“Promotion Territory”), and shall be applicable on 250 ml, 300ml, 350ml, 400ml, 475ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml Coca-Cola® PET packs (“Promotion Products”). By participating in this Promotion, the Eligible Persons as per Clause 5 (each a “Participant”) accepts and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions of the Promotion (“Promotion Terms”). It is hereby clarified that the Participant may participate in the Promotion multiple times, but he/she shall be eligible to win the “Prize(s)” as per Clause 7.

The Promotion is advertised and promoted, inter alia, through media including digital media, point of sale materials, public announcements, website, and other available media.

The Promotion is subject to all applicable central, state, and local laws and regulations.

These Promotion terms and conditions(“Terms”) will be hosted

This Promotion is organised by CCIPL, having its corporate office at 16th floor, One Horizon Center, Golf Course Road, DFL Phase V, Sector 43, Gurgaon, Haryana.

3. Deemed acceptance of terms and conditions
Entry and participation in this Promotion will be deemed as an unconditional and an unequivocal acceptance of these Terms, including any modifications, revisions, and amendments thereto. The decisions of CCIPL shall be final and binding on the Participants in all matters related to the Promotion. Further, the Participants recognize that these Terms may be modified by CCIPL from time to time without any prior/public notice by posting the applicable terms and conditions on the Promotion Website. CCIPL also reserves the right to cancel or terminate the Promotion at any stage without assigning any reasons whatsoever. Successfully entering the Promotion and winning a Prize is subject to all requirements set forth herein.

4. Promotion Period
This Promotion will commence at 00:00:00am IST Indian Standard Time (“IST”) on 1st March 2024, “Start Date”, and will continue until 30th June 2024 11:59:59 pm IST (“End Date”) (“Promotion Period”). Any entries received outside the Promotion Period shall not be eligible for the Prize(s) and shall not be carried forward to any other promotional scheme ahead.

Stock of The Coca-Cola Company Products without the Promotion offer will also be available across India.

Further, certain stock of The Coca-Cola Company Products containing the Promotion offer may be available before the Promotion Period or may continue to be available even after the Promotion Period. However, prospective Participants understand and agree that they will not be permitted to participate in the Promotion before commencement of the Promotion Period and after the expiry of the Promotion Period and further, agree not to raise any claim or complaint against CCIPL, its affiliates or its agents in this respect.

5. Eligibility
Subject to the criteria of Promotion Territory, entry and participation in this Promotion is open to individuals who satisfy each of the following criteria (“Eligible Persons”):
Expiring In 2 days
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Can you share the image of code

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I don't think it is real. After a lot of try , finally claim option was showing to me and when i try to claim it. It is not redirecting me to the claim page. I also send a lot of mails in their mail id and tried to contact on their phone but no response has been given to me

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Claim ke option kb aaya mtlb konse day ko aya

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