Delhi to Tokyo @16k

Delhi to Tokyo @16k

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Delhi to Tokyo @ 15.5k on 22July

If you ever planned to visit Tokyo, you are just in right time for Sumidagawa Fireworks & Tenjin Matsuri Festival, that is held on 24-27th of July.


It's the anime lover's ultimate dream, sorta. Wearing yukata,

watching Hannabi(fireworks) with your koibito(love). Kindly don't miss it. Expect a huge crowd & hot summer though.

1. Tenjin Matsuri (Osaka)

Date: Late June to July 25 annually (Main events held July 24–25)

Known as one of the three greatest festivals in Japan, Osaka’s Tenjin Matsuri at the end of July is not one to miss. The festival celebrates Sugawara no Michizane, God of Learning and main deity of Osaka Tenman-gu Shrine.

On the July 24, a ritual is held at Osaka Tenman-gu Shrine, in which prayers are cast along the river for Osaka's prosperity and safety. In the area, drumming performances and a shishimai lion dance take place.

In the afternoon of July 25, traditional floats and portable shrines pack the Tenjinbashi and Nakanoshima areas. Alongside the floats are people dancing in different costumes, lion dancers, and umbrella dancers. Drummers in red hats lead the parade.

The procession then continues with the main portable shrine transported onto one of the 100 decorated boats. The boats, which are beautifully illuminated in the evening, are an amazing sight. To end the night, you can catch a fireworks display signaling that the shrines have returned to their homes.

2.Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (Tokyo)

Date: 27th July

The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival is always held during the last weekend of July. It is said that the festival originated in the 18th century when Tokugawa Yoshimune wanted to host a fireworks display to pray for the end of famine and to ward away evil spirits.

This fireworks festival is also one of the oldest (if not the oldest) on record. It takes place on the banks of the Sumida River in Tokyo, and you’ll be able to catch these colorful lights in the sky, with the Tokyo SkyTree beautifully shining nearby.

Before coming to this event, though, it should be noted that it can get very crowded, so it is best to wear comfortable clothing during this hot time of the year. It is also recommended that you come early to the river to mark off a spot that you can use for seating/viewing in the evening. You can purchase paid seating if you want to save the hassle of coming in early in the morning.

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Kindly read this guide if you wish to experience the festival.

People flock as early as 4pm to secure seat. so, be prepared. if you dont wish to book hotel.

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