Free for limited time android application - Spirits wave evp Scanner

Free for limited time android application - Spirits wave evp Scanner

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stoptomove EVP Scanner And EVP Recorder

Spirits Wave is a powerful all-in-one system for spirit communication. It allows you to easily capture and record Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) during your paranormal investigations, spiritual work and other related activities.

It provides you with the most effective ITC methods : EVP Sound Waves + Spirit Box with several channels + audio recorder and the ability to use your camera and flash light during your sessions.

* The Spirit Box : 5 different channels. Each channel works by mixing layers of EVP noise, radio frequencies and human sounds, enhanced by several effects, including echo and reverb. While automatically choosing the best scan speed based on its built-in sensors, and after analyzing the surrounding environment to detect any possible paranormal activity.

The Spirit Box runs clear speech audio banks, without any background/scan noise. If you wish to add background noise you can use one of the EVP Enhancers with the spirit box.

* Sound Waves :  4 Different audio banks that you can use with the EVP recorder to improve your chances in capturing EVP messages. Each audio bank plays random bits of sounds from one source. Each source was created after long time of testing in live EVP sessions.

Each audio bank can be used alone or by adding one or more audio banks and use them simultaneously.

* Using Sound Waves and the Spirit Box at the same time : For example, Sound Wave 1 + S.B Channel 3 or Sound Waves 1 & 2 + S.B Channel 5 etc

* Spirit Box Mix Channel 5 , randomly runs mixed parts of the main 4 spirit box channels at different speed rates. Instead of going through all 4 channels individually, you can use this channel to scan them all at the same time.

Your recorded files are saved in “Spirits Wave” folder on your phone's internal storage.

* Scan Speed Controls ( Buttons - / + ) allows you to speed up or slow down the scan rate for all spirit box channels. If none are chosen, the software will use the default/normal scan speed.

* During your EVP sessions or paranormal investigations you can use the built-in camera and/or the flash light of your phone if needed, directly from the software's screen.

We highly recommended that you analyze the recorded audio with any sound editing software, in most cases you will find many hidden EVP messages.
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Something interesting! 🙀 Anyone has a good/bad experience!

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Found a spirit by scanning with this app. It got scared & now it does my bidding. 👻👻👻

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Are you sure you weren't in selfie mode? 🤳🏻😄

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