Gulf CSK Contest Chance to win Gift Voucher's, csk Jersey Match Tickets & More

Gulf CSK Contest Chance to win Gift Voucher's, csk Jersey Match Tickets & More

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Shere Video With Gulf oil And Sumbit Details participate In The Contest

Contest Gratification

Gratification will be on a weekly basis:

Bonus Winners - CSK Match Tickets*

Asli Fan Winners - CSK Jerseys

Gift Vouchers

Signed Balls*


One fan-made Ad that will feature during one of the CSK Matches before play-offs Screenshot20240404-094523ChromeGeneral Terms and conditions

It is mandatory that the participant tags the Gulf Oil India social media handles while sending the entry for the contest.

After scanning the QR, it is mandatory for participants to upload their entry (post) link on the website.

No obscenity, foul language or offensive content will be allowed.

Gulf Oil India can disqualify any participating contestant in case the contestant is not abiding by the rules of the contest.

Disqualification will be at the discretion of Gulf Oil India.

The participant tagging Gulf Oil India agrees to let the brand re-post their entries on its digital platforms.

The brand shall not be responsible or liable for any entries tagged by the public.

The participant agrees to give consent to the brand to repost & use the entries uploaded by them by participating in the contest.

Gulf Oil India maintains the right to withdraw the contest, without prior notice to the participants.

The brand reserves the right to modify and/or change all or any of the terms and conditions applicable to the contest.

The brand will not bear any costs occurring out of this contest.
The gratification for the contest includes:

The winner’s ad will be aired during the matches.

Other gratifications include Gulf Oil merchandise, vouchers, etc.

Winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of the jury at Gulf Oil India.
The brand is not bound to offer any clarifications or justifications on the selection of the declared winners.

The gratification cannot be exchanged for any cash prize or any other form of gratification.

The brand will contact the contest winner within 1 week of the contest being closed.

The contest winner must share the relevant information required by the brand to process the gratification. If the winner fails to do so within 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) of the announcement, the gratification shall no longer be valid, and the winner is not entitled to claim the same at any time in the future.

Gratifications are available only in cities where CSK matches are being held, subject to availability. Gulf Oil India's decision will be final.
The gratification balls are digitally signed.
Expiring In about 1 month
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