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I Spy Game

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An image is posted and the next person posts another image of something that they see in the previous image. Add the image and comment with “I Spy___” in a single post.
It could be an object in the photo you see, a color, a flower, animal, food, etc.

Example: Someone posts a picture of a couple at a restaurant.
The next person might see a glass of water, so he/she then posts a picture of a swimming pool.
Then the next person might see a ball and decides to post a picture of peoply playing beach volleyball.
Just remember to mention whatever it is you spy in the last photo.
Should be fun.

The Dimer with highest correct entries will be awarded 300 Dimes.
I will select 2 more winners who will be awarded with 150 Dimes each.

Please do not quote the previous image.
All other forum rules apply.
Contest ends on 13th Dec 23:59:59 hrs.

How to Upload Images

What do you spy in this photo?

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