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[Revised as on 09-04-2019] RULES and GUIDELINES to Post Deals in this Forum.

[Revised as on 09-04-2019] RULES and GUIDELINES to Post Deals in this Forum.


Revised Rules on 09.04.2019

h4. Rules of posting

While submitting a deal in hot deal section, you have to follow this rule.


Deal Link

Share url of the product here

Deal title Should have following information

Product Name

Store name (optional)

Deal Description Should have the following details atleast

Product name

Offer price

Coupon code (if any)

Offer Complete TnC (if any)

Deal Image :- If you have deal image the you can upload it from here. Upload can be done via url or from your system.

Deal Price :- Fill here the offer price of the product (after discount price)

Retail Price :- Mrp of the product

Percent off :- System will auto fill this if price & retail price is updated.

Category :- From drop down select which category product belongs too.

Start Date :- If its a upcoming deal, then you can add start date to the deal.

Expiry :- If you know when deal will expire, then you can add it here.

h4. Before Submitting a deal check following points, if still submitted then it will be deleted

1. If its is a repost or not* (if yes then, will be merged with original one)

2. if it contains any affiliate link / Code

3. Self promotion – any one promoting their own or friends site in forum

h4. Other Rules

Coupons should be posted in the coupons/freebies forum

If any one is found abusing personally attacking, calling others deal bakwaas, or any rude language…. will be given 1 warning, and if repeated it will lead to 2 days suspension. And if repeated again then permanent suspension.

h4. Rules for upcoming deals

Upcoming deals can be posted in advance provided sufficient proof exists for the same (official communication on website, image proof).

Upcoming deal should have atleast following information

Product name

product link

Time/day as when the deal will be live.

Once deal is live Original poster has 10 minutes to update his/her thread with complete information(product link, exact price & shipping) along with final price to get dimes credit. Or else the first person to update thread with correct information will be given credit.

If the original poster fails to do so or if the deal is not live as per time mentioned by him/her,then that thread can be deleted/locked.

h4. When do i get Dimes for Deals i shared

For every deal shared, you will get dimes on the 5th day. Suppose you shared a deal on 1st, dimes allocation for the same will be done on 5th. Dimes is calculated by our system depending upon various factors like votes, hotness click, etc. So share good deals and you can earn upto 200 Dimes per deal shared.

h1. Reposts:

Expired/LIVE Deals-

If deal expired and goes live again, and the original post is not more than 10 days old, then creating a new thread IS A REPOST. Such threads may or may not be merged into the original post. Update the existing thread with a comment to help us.

If a deal remains live then creating a new thread for the same deal just because 10 days have passed by is considered a Repost. Such threads would be simply deleted.

Coupons –

If a coupon code can be applied on an existing deal making its price drop further and the original post is not more than 10 days old, then creating a new thread is considered as REPOST. Please just update the original thread with the coupon (Due dime credit will be given to the person who updated the post). Such threads might simply get merged into the original posts.

If a different coupon can be applied on a deal reducing/not reducing the effective price and the original post is not more than 10 days old, then creating a new thread is considered as REPOST. Please just update the original thread. Dimes credit will be given according to the rules. Such threads might simply get merged into the original posts.

Simultaneous posts –

If more than one user posts a same deal simultaneously with complete details, then the latter thread is considered as a Repost. Only the former poster will receive the dimes credit.

Please note that short-cut/incomplete posts submitted just to be the first one to post will not be considered even though if they are edited with full details later on. In such cases the next one who posted with full details would be considered as Original poster and credits awarded to him/her.

But if 2 or more user share deals with gap of 10 seconds along with complete details then dimes credit will be given to both users (but both deal will be merged irrespective to time difference). (But both thread must have complete details along with terms and condition, if any)

h2. Not a Repost :-

Price Change –

If a new price appears for a product at the same store/link (price drops to be specific), then you must create a new thread and it will not be considered a repost. You can also simply comment in the original thread. Though a new thread will ensure that other people are aware of the price update.

Expired/Live Deals –

If deal expired and goes live again, and the original post is more than 10 days old (it would say something like posted 10 days ago, 1 month ago, posted 2 months ago etc..) then creating a new thread is not considered as repost.

Ok, I am really sure I posted my deal before the other user. I want proof of the exact time of his/ her post.

To know the exact time at which a deal was posted: check the top left corner of the first (post) box below the title of the topic, you will find a clock-like icon. Hover your cursor on the text next to this icon and you will be shown a small box with complete time details mentioned in the following format:

Day, DD-Month-YYYY, hh:mm:ss +0530


Note: Since, we use the Greenwich Mean Time format, hence +0530 is mentioned at the end. So, add it up and you know the Indian Standard Time at which the topic was posted.

I just received a warning; it says my post is a re-post. Help me, I didn't mean to do it on purpose.

Calm down, the re-post warning is a reminder, in case you have stopped using the search feature to check if the deal exists or not. Nobody likes to see duplicate posts all around the forum and hence, repeated defaulters are given warnings. It may not matter much if it is your first warning, but we suggest you take the warning seriously and avoid posting duplicate posts thereafter. Getting repeated re-post warnings will lead to a fall in your Karma and your Ranking Level, and finally might lead to account suspension as well.

A post/ topic is deleted (or edited) mainly because of the following reasons

· Duplicate topic or re-post (the most common).

· Violation of Rules.

· Referral links in post

· Spamming in forums.

· Posting objectionable content

· Abuse in forums

· Third party links

· Post having URL of websites blocked* on DesiDime.

· Posting shortened URLs (links).

· Posting same deal/ topic in different forums.

· Posting in wrong forums even after repeated notices.

*Why are those URLs/ websites blocked? Where can I see the list of sites that are banned on DesiDime?

Basically, the error message appears for our competitor sites.

However, kindly note, we do not display any such blocked websites list on the forums (for internal reasons). We have instead designed the system in such a way that you will end up getting the error message for links from all those websites.

If you feel your post has been deleted, even though none of the above reasons apply to it, you can always ask us for help in the Questions, issues and suggestions for DesiDime forum.

h1. Validity Extended Deal rule

If a coupon/offer validity is extended from the same day its supposed to expire then that thread will be merged with the previous one. But if coupon/offer is not extended within 48Hrs of its expiry then a new thread can be created and it will not be considered as repost.

Eg :- If validity of a coupon is till 15th and offer is extended on the same day or within 2 days i.e till 17th then it will be merged with the old thread. But offer was not extended till 17th and it was again marked live on 18th then it will be considered as fresh post.

h1. Exception for (Flight, bus and hotels Deal)

If a deal is valid for specific time period. And it comes back with fresh validity.

And if user is able to avail the offer again then that will not be considered as repost. And it will be treated as fresh deal. But if same user who availed the deal last time and is not able to avail it again then it will be considered as extended deal.

h1. Warnings, Suspensions, Use of language and Content Filters

Do you give out warnings as well?

Yes, indeed we do. To maintain decorum in forums and to prevent spamming, we give out warnings to users who fail to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the forums. Please remember that when you are using DesiDime, you are agreeing to our Terms of use.

If you fail to honour this agreement, you will receive a warning from us. Repeated warnings might result in permanent suspension from DesiDime.

When do you suspend a member?

We have a strict “Ban on Sight” policy for:



*Fake Accounts

*Besides this we may also ban:

*Repeated defaulters (users who received several warnings)

*Members abusing others in the forums

*Referral link posters

Use of language - Since its a community and dimers from all over the country visits hot deal section and hence we try to maintain/and expect dimers to use a single language (English) in this section. We do not allow text in any other language apart from English, and use of other language is allowed (but text must be in English) considering that is translated in English as well. If user is found not following the above rule in hot deal section, they will be given a warning and if found doing it multiple times then it may lead to suspension as well.

Can I post anything in the Dost & Dimes forum? After all, it sounds like a casual forum.

Objectionable or inappropriate content in any form will not be tolerated in any of the forums. Doing so will attract a strict warning.

So, we highly suggest you to avoid posting such topics, even if it’s done in good humour.

I want to report an inappropriate content/ user, whom can I reach out to regarding this?

If you wish to report any content posted by a Dimer or even a Dimer, himself for that matter, you can make use of the alert administrator icon, which is the Flag icon present in the top right corner of every post. Alternatively, you can send us the link of the post or user profile via PM (Private Message) or simply comment on the topic and tag an admin, and we will do the needful.

(How to tag a user or admin in your post: type @ in the reply/comment box and wait for a few seconds; you will get suggestions of usernames in a drop down menu, select the username and then type your comment or reply. You can also type @@ at the beginning and end of a username to tag someone.


i) Usernames are case sensitive.

ii) If you don’t tag someone properly, they will not get a notification about it and this may cause a delay in their reply.)


Please don’t forget to mention the link to the post or user profile.

To report an objectionable topic posted by a Dimer, check right below the title of the topic: Click More > Alert Admin.


How to contact admins & Moderators of DesiDime

You can have a look at the Admins and Moderators of DesiDime, currently online, on Forums > All Forums.

Scroll down this page and you will find a section at the end- ‘There are currently XYZ users online.’

Here, the usernames that are highlighted in green are Admins while those in blue are Moderators.

You can message them anytime and they will get back to you.

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As we grow as a community, here are some rules and guidelines you must follow and understand before you submit a deal.

Rules of posting

  • Deal Title should have atleast the following information:
    • Product Name
    • Price
    • Shipping Charges (if applicable)
    • Store Name
  • Deal Description should have the following details atleast
    • Product name
    • Offer price
    • Deal link
    • Shipping Charges and other hidden charges
    • Product description (Write a few lines!)
  • Before posting a deal check if it is already posted.
    • One warning would be given after which 2 dimes will be deducted
    • After second warning if still some one reposts, 10 dimes will be deducted
    • After which, the user would be suspended for a week
  • Affiliate links
    • Anyone who posts an affiliate link would be given one warning
    • After which 5 dimes will be deducted
    • After which 20 dimes will be deducted
    • After which the user would be banned/suspended from posting
  • Deals getting over in less than 2 days time should be posted in daily deal forum
  • Coupons should be posted in the coupons/freebies forum
  • Local deals only in Local deals section
  • Any person being abusive, will be given one warning, and non adherence will lead to instant suspension/ban
  • Self promotion is not allowed – any one promoting their site without giving a good deal would not be allowed.
  • Front Page deals will be selected purely on merit. There is no secret sauce except posting quality deals. Remember, to always vote for good deals to be an active member of the community.
  • If you find that a deal is posted again, please reply to the thread saying thats it a repost and provide the link to the original URL.
  • Moderators reserve the right to copy deals into other forums. If you dont find them, check if you posted in wrong forum and if it got moved to another forum.
  • You may not be able to delete a topic. If you posted it in error, you can alert an Admin/Moderator by replying to the thread, and we will delete such topics.
Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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@ankur2.0 Sir,

Thank you so much for hand-holding and guidance towards the deals I posted.


I did review your advice of: not having to add "for Prime users".


However, I do not want to intentionally post invalid deals.


If others do so, and you all (site team including @admin @anthrax.ut @Priyanka @bumblefoot @MJ911 @Rosh_0007 and other able hands @deb3l @Censuresh @Mayavi )...

.. conveniently 'choose' to ignore the very rules which you were part of making..

... I can only watch haplessly and (partly) helplessly.



I did not make these rules.

》》》 YOU did.《《《


The rules were always "crystal clear".

You (as a 'for profit' entity) might have your own motivations... to keep your regular deal posters in good humour.... EVEN WHEN.. they do not include the MANDATORY 'shipping charges'.



Unfortunately or otherwise, I do not have any compulsions to conveniently ignore/forget the rules of posting deal.. to suit the business needs. (For I have no such business... as managing such a.MASSIVE community cum affiliate marketing initiative).


Have a 👄chummalicious😘 week ahead.

Cc @Dealmafia @DealSeeker @Magus The previous paragraph is for you too. One cannot always step into the shoes of the ones who are running the show and/or have a birds eye view/ helicopter view of things.

We might have been myopic... in what we/you deemed is 'fit' for DesiDime.

But that 'fit' is a fluid concept, you see.

Only those who have to 'pay the bills' and manage off-site and on-site (Goragandhi shopping Center + the other one) teams/staff.. might know better.. as to what is 'fit'.

And even there.. they too are heavily compromising and sacrificing. 

But obviously.. they cannot say 'good bye' and 'leave'.. the very project which they brought go fruition and nurtured/ are nurturing ever since.

Shopping Friend Shopping Friend
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what if two member post same topic simultaneously

Deal Major Deal Major
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If the two post are posted less than a minute apart, we will just mark the one post later as duplicate, but no warning. But the post has to be within one minute only

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Deal Major Deal Major
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Most of the months there would be some or the other contest,

Shopping Friend Shopping Friend
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please add that price should be mentioned in headline so users won’t annoyed to open if it doesn’t attract them

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Thats a good suggestion rinku4142. We have updated the details.


Super Moderator Super Moderator
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where to post offline deals?

Deal Major Deal Major
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Hot Deals – Instore

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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thanks for help users…

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Starting from today, any duplicate deal will be immediately deleted.

Super Moderator Super Moderator
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Kudos for that to Admin… smile

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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please…. stop the spammers. we are here to post good deals @ 3am and not to see 50 posts from some crazy users…… it hurts….. they want first page to be covered by their own deals…… deduct 1 dime if someone post more than 3 deals a day.

Critic Critic
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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admin please stop the spams man…… posting 50 deals a day… wont make these users brilliant. if they have patience and guts….. let fight for FPD with 2-3 deals only……. i can’t understand whats written on first page….. i can’t even search my own postings….

Shopping Friend Shopping Friend
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i think there must be some parameter to post ebay deals like one can post only if seller has 25+ feedback or 50+ feedback, No bid item , no ebay coupons or there must be one ebay thread like dominos pizza because most of ebay coupons are user specific

Helpful Helpful
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@rinku – Thanks. Can you create one ebay coupon thread for us and help us maintain it? Post it in coupons/freebies forum and make it sticky (if you have permissions) or else I will do the same..

Shopping Friend Shopping Friend
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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I sell stuff on ebay for very attractive rates like Water Powered Clock which is really attractive and good item and which comes for Rs, 1123 on sites like 20north etc for just 590 or headphones or the car scratch remover pen which comes is for 499 on other sites for 150. All the deals are genuine and really really good. And I have many many more.

I saw desidime and found it to be really very attractive and extremely useful to get good online deals.

I posted a few of my own deals and a few other members on desidime told me that this is not allowed. I am sorry I did not know this as I am new on desidime. Please advice should I post good deals which are of my own on ebay or not.


Arjun Chugh
Desi Dime ID : since1990
[email protected]

Blogger Blogger
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Hi since1990 ,
Everyone feels there own deals are good. If posting them will be allowed , desidime will become spam paradise. Let others decide if your deal is good or not. If it’s good , someone might post it here.

Posting own deals is not allowed in desidime. Besides , self promotion brings negative publicity as we see here most of the times.

If you really have a good deal and feel that no one might notice it on ebay , I suggest to send pm to adm with the link of that deal. It’s just my suggestion and not sure if adm will like this idea or not of sending pm to him with deals all the time. If you wouldn’t spam and deal is really good , I see no harm.

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Effective immediately,

  • Lottery deals, pay Rs. xx and win a chance to win xx or get your money back etc must be posted in “Freebies & Contests” forum. Any such deals submitted in “Daily Deals” or “Hot Deals – Online” Forum will be immediately deleted.
  • You are encouraged to post only good eBay Deals. If the seller has less than 50 feedback, such listings will be immediately deleted. However, if the seller is being promoted via eBay too, then its fine to post. Use your instincts or PM us for help.
  • Any kind of self-promotion will be immediately deleted and user suspended..

Lets keep forums clean and increase the value of what’s being shared.

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good move admin

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Super Moderator Super Moderator
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@Admin mail these instruction to new users.

A lot of users don’t bother to read it here.Maybe a few of them may read it in their mail.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Why i am not able to see any of my delas? Also im not geeting reply from your end on my messages? Kindly please look in my issue asap. ..Thanks

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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please guide me if i am posting in wrong forum.. I have submitteed 5-6 deals..please reply

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