iQOO 7 Legend 5G (Legendary Track Design, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

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iQOO 7 Legend 5G (Legendary Track Design, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)
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12 gb ram variant @

@ 38990 (bank discount + coupon 2000 rs)

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Backstory: I have been using Pixel 3A for 3 years now (buying it in the US on day 1 of its release for 300 USD (22k inr in today’s conversion rate) on introductory offer) and the screen broke in February 2021 and I got the screen replaced at 10k from shatterfix and starting then whenever I’d put it in the pocket, it would register a ghost touch and the screen would not work, finally it would need to be soft reset using volume down and power key to get it up again. Big hassle and so I paid 39k at 9 months installment for this phone: iQOO 7 Legend 5G 12GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage.

Review: Given how the YouTubers were gushing over the phone, such excitement, so much hype, you’d expect something extraordinary. Big improvement over 3 years old Pixel 3A. Right? No, Sir. In every department possible this is not an upgrade from that phone. Just putting a photo taken by Pixel next to the same photo taken by iQOO would make you go, facepalm. Pixel 18W charges the phone from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes (that’s the range within which I always charge my phone for best long-term battery life), iQOO 66W charger charges the same in 20 minutes. With 120 Hz the screen on time for this phone is 4 hours (80% to 10%) with 4000 mAh, 3-year-old Pixel 3A gives 6 hours (80% to 10%) with 3700 mAh battery. With all window and transition animation off and animator duration scale set to off on both phones, the pixel phone (even with replaced screen, although shatterfix uses genuine parts) smoothness at 60Hz is indistinguishable from iQOO’s 120Hz. The screen color reproduction-wise looks better on Pixel. Pixel 3A is 147 grams compared to iQOO’s 209 grams. Pixel 3A with SD670 never got heated once in its 3 years including whatever little COD mobile I have played. Just starting up COD mobile for testing got iQOO 7 toasty. So the performance should be so mind-blowing that it would make me forget all the other things, right? Again, no, sir. To my inexperienced/untrained eyes, COD Mobile gameplay at medium graphics, high framerate on Pixel 3A looks exactly the same as max graphics, and very high framerate on iQOO. No extra smoothness, no being able to spot enemies far away, or any such thing. I have added a pic of two phones and you may decide which one you prefer aesthetically. The much advertised two linear motors in iQOO deliver imperceptible improvements in vibration and haptics over Pixel. Marginally better speaker quality and availability of nonexistent 5G are the only wins for iQOO. Not to forget, the software in iQOO comes with approximately 40 unwanted apps and installation links which are unremovable and 10 which can be removed. Yes YouTubers, funtouch OS is very close to stock android (sarcasm). Also, who sends such a low-quality, thin, dipped-in-grease, transparent cover with an expensive phone?

Verdict: No improvement from Pixel 3A, a major disappointment in camera.

Postscript: And lest I forget, like Cher slapping Nicholas Cage in the 1987 film Moonstruck, someone needs to do that to (highest-subscribed Indian tech YouTubers) Trakin Tech and Tech Burner and tell them, “Snap out of it”. Why are these guys always so excited and hyping little things? Do they even understand how a purchase decision works or is it all about views? There needs to be one YouTuber who would break through the clutter and take a 3-year-old semi-flagship phone like Pixel 3A or iPhone 6S Plus and tell the consumers what improvements the new device is delivering. Everyone who watches their videos already owns a phone and used more than one phone over the years. Just telling specs and bashing the table does not help a consumer.